Bag Buying Guide

Bag Buying Guide

Bag Buying Guide

Bag Guying Guide 101

Men have stuff too; they too carry all kinds of crap along with them. They just choose to do so in their pockets, believing them to be some sort of vortexes or unending pits. So don’t tell me men don’t need a bag.

A man bag is essential. It is functional. It is comfortable and when picked right, definitely more fashionable than stuffing your pockets. Nowadays it is essential for most men to carry head phones, chargers, power banks, shades, medicines etc. etc. along with the usual wallet, gum, mint, keys and phones. You can also fit in a small bottle of water. Phew! And they say girls carry a lot of stuff!

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It is more stylish and classier and stuffy pockets look untidy and just plain wrong. Now most men think man bags are your bag packs- no they are for heavy things like class books or hiking, nor briefcases nor laptop bags, they are for papers and laptop. Briefcases are anyways out-dated. Neither are man bags messenger bags. Man bags are small to medium in size. They can be dressy or casual.

A dressy man bag is for the dressy look. They usually come in leather. These look incredibly stylish and super classy. The casual man bags are for everyday use. They are rugged. Generally fabric or synthetic based.

I can never understand how a guy can just walk about carrying everything in his pockets. So please guys invest in some great man bags. And try to get at least two, one casual and one dressy. Don’t use the same bag for all your looks. Keep it a bit interesting. If you have doubts pick a man bag in colours like black or brown.

Buying a man bag will you guarantee a hassle free time and win you lots of compliments from friends.

After reading this bag buying guide do check out the types of bags which are shortlisted below.


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Bag Buying Guide
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Bag Buying Guide
Every guy needs one and no it’s definitely not a purse or a handbag and I am sure about that! Read our bag buying guide now.
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