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What To Wear At Fresher’s Party

A new phase of life and you’re excited for that one day that will initiate this phase. You’ve just go admission in the college you didn’t want to be in but you’re excited anyway because you saw few pretty girls in there. The fresher’s party is a day after and you’re going nuts on what to wear and what not!

We are here to help you to make the best impression on your fresher’s eve. You’d meet many new faces and many new friends you’d make out of them. Maybe, (read: definitely) you’ll dance with one of the girls you saw the previous day.

For all of this, you ought to be well-dressed and look absolutely charming!

Stick to the theme

Your seniors might have shared the theme of the fresher’s party until now and no matter how much you love your favorite shirt, you got to stick to the theme of the party and wear what defines the theme. Nothing feels better than participating with others.

Add your personal details

Once you’ve got your fresher’s party theme, the story is not over. You can add you favorites to your look. It can be your favorite cuff links or your watch. Be it your lucky bracelet or a ear ring. You must add these details to define yourself.

Mostly the theme is suit and tie. You can add a suspender to your look and feel like an amazing prince from out of the country.

Your hair should be side parted and slick back if you’re in your suit and tie. Pocket squares complete the look. With that, you can wear a bowtie and look even more handsome! If your theme is not this, you can explore and select the best dress.

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