(Revealed) How To Style Bandana The Grown Up Way

Bandana Style Guide For Men

What is a Bandana?

Bandana is a square piece of cloth that is mainly used to cover the head as a headwear which is available in variety of colours, prints and materials. It has recently become one of the leading style statements across countries. It is slightly bigger than a handkerchief and can be styled in various ways according to ones preferences. Bandana is truly a fresh fashion accessory that gives you trendy look instantly.
Not sure how to style a bandana?
Confused how to tie it?
Well, all you have to do is relax as you have landed on a right blog that gives you a complete guide on bandana styling for men.

Bandana styling tips

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5 Dappar Ways To Style Bandana For Men

1. Around The Neck:

2. As A Headwear:

Bandana as a headband

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3. Tying Around The Wrist:

pocket square bandana

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5. Bandana At the Waist:

Bandana styling

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Tips To Style Bandana The Right Way

1. To go playful with the look tying a bandana around the neck is the best option.
2. Choosing a good bandana colour is very important to maintain the look.
3. Bandana can be styled with formal suits to enhance the look effortlessly.

4. Bright colour bandana looks amazing with monochrome outfit.
5. Make sure the bandana headband is not too wide while tying as it can break the look.
6. It looks stunning with street style outfits.

7. If it is tied around the neck make sure the ends are left in excess to hang down.
8. Bandana is an idle fashion accessory for many occasions.
9. Go for packet square bandana that goes well with the suit.
10. Follow the celebrity trends to style bandana like them.