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Things Men Should Consider While Buying A New Wallet

What Should You Look At When Buying A New Wallet?

Accessorizing may not be your thing, you consider your manliness a subtle cologne, a great watch, great shoes, and belt but, you’re not into wallets. So, you probably still own the old nostalgic wallet your first girlfriend gifted you decades ago. You see, this will not be a big deal until you have to walk into this networking event and you have to fumble through the notes, come across old (forgotten) notes and realize that your life is a mess.

Your notes should be a note clipper and on one side of your wallet, cards on one side if you don’t have one of those gutsy card holders and everything else reachable and seen as soon as you unfold your wallet. And, since you don’t want your wallet betraying your personality by showing that you could be less immature than you want others to see you, then your wallet shouldn’t look lived in. Now, combine these features with your minimalistic accessorizing, and you are the presentable, mature, organized, and gentleman you believe you are.

So, what should you look at when buying a new wallet?

Look the wallet’s functionality and how presentable it is.

# Functionality

By this, we mean that you should look at what your wallet needs and what it can do. If you carry business cards, money and other ‘junky’ pieces, your wallet will look overstuffed. This wallet will portray a different image than the one you meant to put out there. You also don’t want a wallet that feels uncomfortable when you sit on one that weighs you down or put in the coat’s pocket. Since a heavy wallet affects your clothes, you should go for a light one by getting rid of all the junk in your wallet.

Wondering where to draw the line between what stays and what goes out of the wallet? Take into account these necessities of a gentleman’s wallet:

1. You need cash.

So, besides the space for your credit and debit cards, you need some cash in your wallet. We may not want to get deeper into whether you should carry cash or not but, anything can happen after you leave your house and a gentleman is ready to take care of things when the need arises. Also, you know that you need cash to be a good (or even a bad) tipper, right?

2. Who are you without your identification documents?

Until we get to a place where our eyes will hold the key to our identities, carrying driving licenses is mandatory. So, at the very least, carry a wallet to keep your license or tour state identification card. A job ID or a student ID is also essential.

3. 1 or 2 credit or debit cards.

Gentlemen, it’s about time for you to stop carrying 8 credit or debit cards in your wallet. Some of them are probably expired, and you may never use others. Carry one or two of your most important cards. If you have to pick a debit over a credit card, choose the latter as it comes with more security features.

4. Business cards.

We don’t want you getting a great deal then run to a wallet without your active business card, do you? And, don’t carry 50 pieces – you need 5 cards. And thanks to technology, you can use e-cards rather than physical business cards,

5. A photo of your loved one.

You need a reminder or a motivator every time you open your wallet.
But, to be safe, carry copies rather than original documents.

What kills the functionality of a gentleman’s wallet?

• Social security cards (space and unsafe).
• Discount, club memberships, library, and medical cards
• Coins
• Condoms (we know why, no? think of the damage it will go through crumpled in there)
• Receipts… please throw them away.

What if you don’t want to carry all the to-carry items?

To avoid taking cards everywhere, scan them and save them in a secure cloud-based service accessible from anywhere you are.

# Is your wallet as presentable as it should be?

Don’t care about wallet? What happens when you lose a date because your wallet is an eyesore?
Besides being made out of durable and classy materials, the wallet needs the following features:

• Billfolds –

a timeless, simple and elegant wallet Is a trifold or a bi-fold.

• Sports wallets –

these are made from a synthetic weave, they are bright, and they could have straps. These wallets could be water resistant and with zippers or Velcro. These should be carried when wearing dinner jackets.

Slim wallets

these leather wallets are elegant but will only hold a few bills and cards. They’re perfect for your minimalistic lifestyle.

• Money clips:

if you want to carry money alone, get a metallic money clip which will be slimmer than a wallet, and it will fit the smallest spaces.

• Other alternatives

include phone or wallet cases and travel wallets. Besides presentation, these two cut across functionality and presentability.

While the leather billfold wallets are stylish, presentable, functional, and highly recommended, don’t forget your taste and preferences – as long as you get rid of the junk. Here is where you can buy it from – Click The Link