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10 Looks to Rock Your Bow Tie Like a Pro

Bow ties are elegant accessories and when you decide to don one, you are ready to make an impression. Bow ties are not something that will ever go unnoticed; hence it takes a certain level of responsibility with wearing one. The bow tie you choose will say a lot about your personality, your character, and your personal style.

If you take your style seriously, don’t ever take the clip-on and pre-tied varieties and get yourself a self-tie bow ties that is how you will master this accessory.

A general rule of thumb is to keep it simple. A loud bow tie will lend itself well to a muted outfit, such as a solid-colour shirt or suit. Conversely, a simpler bow tie will pair well with bolder shirt colours and accessories. Once you’d mastered the basics of tying a bow tie, know that the knot you make does not have to be perfect. In fact bow ties lend themselves to imperfection is what makes them so great!

Keep fabric in mind when determining what kind of bow tie you want to wear to any given event. The cotton and linen bow ties will be most appropriate at casual events. Meanwhile, silk and wool bow ties are staples of more formal events.

Remember these rules if you ever catch yourself unsure whether or not to go for a bow tie, just remember: Bow ties always work. Just don’t match your bowtie and pocket square. Just avoid anything too cutesy or kitsch, like a yellow-and-red checker print. You are not a joker. Also, at a black-tie event, wearing a bowtie is negotiable. At a white-tie event, it is not.

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