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11 Casual Daily Outfits To Avoid Overdoing It

Challenging isn’t it? Waking up every day and wanting to look good but you can’t pull off a suit or a jacket because it’s just a simple day out with your friends or family. Worry no more, Theunstitchd shows you simple ways to pull off a remarkable look with the casual outfits that you own. This way, you look a well-dressed version of you and at the same time keeps it casual and not too flashy.

Firstly, you have to grow up. I know it’s hard, but you will have to do away with the graphic t-shirts that you own and wear a simple but sexy t-shirt instead. Also, don’t wear jazzy t-shirts that call for a lot of attention. Be a man, not a boy.

Don’t just keep running for brands. Before buying branded clothing, ask yourself whether you’d still buy it sans the logo. Wear something that suits your look and personality. Keep your shirts and t-shirts as simple as you can but with a good single colour, not boring ones. You can also add a single layer to your t-shirt with a jacket or you can layer your shirt with a long sleeved hoodie or t-shirt.

Next, avoid baggy, low waist, revealing jeans. Not cool. Change it up down below. Get perfectly fitting jeans which is simple and sober. Avoid big logos on your rump; in fact avoid big logos anywhere. If you can, buy coloured jeans or pants or add a pair of chinos to your wardrobe. Chinos never overdo it and they are very trendy and versatile.

About the footwear, sit down and calmly choose. A man’s personality is known by the kind of shoes they wear. Replace sneakers with loafers and whoa, your personality changes in no time. Try tanned boots or leather shoes or any shoe that is decent but at the same time classy.

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