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5 Tips to Never Lose Anything Ever Again

There is no one who can say that they have never lost anything. Losing something is painful. First the anxiety hits you then you run all around trying to look for it, trying to remember where you last left it? or whether you lent it? or if you were even carrying it in the first place?

I am very picky as a person, finding something I like and then buying it is a process in itself. If someone like me loses something, along with the stress of not finding it, I also worry about having to replace it.

You may play the blame game all you want but more than most times, its our own fault. So read on to know some simple tips to avoid being in a situation like this.

  1. Decide a place for your stuff and make sure everything stays in its place. Common things you lose are keys, wallet, cards, and so on. So assign a place for it and you are good to go

2. Maintain cleanliness and keep everything around you like your home and office space organized so you can find something quickly

3. Have a backup. Keep an extra set of keys, an extra set of important documents as a backup

4. Don’t wait till the last moment. Prepare for tomorrow, today. Prepare for the next day before sleeping at night

5. Keep your important documents in folders or files rather than leaving them lose or giving them temporary spaces around your home or office

Hope these 5 simple tips will ensure you do not lose something important again.


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