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8 Types Of Accessories Men Should Know About While Styling For Ethnic Wear

Accessories – Socks, Brooches, Neckwear, Pocket Square, Cufflinks, Stole, Turban, Kalangi, Etc

You may know everything about your clothes and your outfit. In the above articles we spoke about how to pair up different outfits according to the occasion and style them in the right way. We showed you how to team up your outfit according to the colours, materials, etc. So basically you know it all, but you don’t know everything yet! The one thing you forgetting is Accessories! Yes these little thing matter the most. It changes your entire fashion game. All you need to know is how to pair the right accessory with the right outfit without overdoing it.

ethnic accessories for men

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Check out these accessories which can be used for Indian traditional wear as well as western.

1) Socks –

You may have heard that ‘Great Styles Come From Top Down’, but we tell you otherwise! We believe that everything you wear below should be given the same attention and care you give to your top wear. One such element which will up your fashion game is the socks. Don’t underestimate the importance of socks in your wardrobe. Socks come in many colours and patterns and can be paired up with your favourite outfits. They can be characterized as formal, casual, funky socks, etc. They can be worn as per the occasion suiting your outfit. Both the socks are generally are worn of the colour, but the latest trend is wearing mismatched socks to get the funky look.

These are some of the types of socks you should know about based on their heights:

  1. Ankle Length
  2. Quarter Length
  3. Crew Length
  4. Calf Length
  5. Knee Length

Socks should be worn with formal shoes with your traditional look and wear the no-show socks when you wear loafers along with your outfit.

2) Brooches –

A Brooch or a pin can be very effective and is an awesome way to add a little bit more personality of your look. It helps in personalizing your outfit. They are a sparkling accessory and are an embellishment that is placed on the lapel strategically. Brooches increase the royalty of you look and gives the elegant feel to your outfit. They are mostly worn with jackets and sherwani or suits. They come in different patterns and designs. Some have chains or attachments to them while some brooches are a single piece. The most desired brooch on a sherwani or other Indian wedding outfit is the floral designed brooch. Brooches made of precious gems are also available and this makes your Indian outfit even richer and can transform simple office attire into opulent evening wear.

3) Neckwear –

Now this is one off the most useful things you can use when it comes to wearing traditional attire. You can’t wear tie with Indian outfits (obviously), so choosing neckwear and pairing them with the right outfit may seem difficult. But we have it figured out for you! You can choose from a wide range of options such as Ascot Ties, bolo ties, collar chains or even as a simple scarf should do the trick. Ascot ties are a great option to wear with Jodhpuri Suits and Sherwani. This will give the Indo-Western feel to your outfit and people will definitely admire the look. Bolo ties and Collar chains are also other good options to choose from to pair with a kurta or any other Indian wear.  A scarf or stole is a simple cloth to wrap around the neck as part of the outfit and this will look good with almost every traditional outfit.

4) Pocket Squares –

Pocket Squares are often confused with handkerchiefs but is another classy accessory that will elevate your fashion statement to a whole nother level. They instantly add the dapperly charm to any look. It can be sported with a Nehru Jacket, Jodhpuri Jackets, Sherwani, etc. You can complement your outfit with colourful pocket squares and look even more attractive. Floral patterned and polka dotted pocket squares are the latest trend now and these patterns give you the opportunity to make a bold statement along with your traditional. They can be matched with the outfit you are wearing and if your India wear is also floral, it helps to make your outfit look even more eye catchy.

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5) Cufflinks –

Cufflinks? The conversation about which is the most elegant or classy accessory really ends here! Wearing a pair of cufflinks will make you look more wealthy, distinguished and worthy of respect.  Generally worn when the outfit is too formal, and outfits which have full sleeved style, like the sherwani, Jodhpuri Jackets or Shirts along with traditional attire like Nehru Jackets, etc. They come in different patterns and shapes. You have a wide range of options to choose from depending on the size, style, material, colour, etc. Cufflinks give the gentlemen look as it is neat as well as stylish and looks amazing on Indian Traditional wear.

6) Stole –

NO! They are not just for women. Even men can wear it and flaunt it with ease. A stole is nothing but a piece of cloth wrapped around the neck. They are colourful and can be paired with any outfit. Stole is made of light material, so carrying it around your neck wouldn’t be much of a problem. Some of them are single coloured like black, white, red, etc. and these look classy when paired with the right kind of outfit. You can wear it around a Kurta, Jodhpuri Jacket or suits, Shirts and it looks pretty decent and kinda gives you that commanding look in the crowd. Wearing a stole will make any outfit look ethnic and they can be pulled off in style

7) Turban –

Turbans play an important role in the wedding season. Everybody wants to wear a turban, but only few know how to wear it in style. Turbans are again a cloth that acts as a head gear. It’s quite a few feet long as it has to be worn on the head. Nowadays there are ready made turbans that come (makes things easier actually) and it can directly ben placed on the head. Turbans may look simple but if you try different variations and combinations of colour then, it will change your perception about turbans. Compliment your attire with different and contrasting coloured turbans or try floral designed turbans which will make all eyes turn towards you.

8) Kalangi –

Mainly for the grooms! So if you are about to be married sooner or later, or if you are married (Just to see if u did it right!) you need to read this. So Kalangi is a piece of artwork or accessory that is worn on the turban during a wedding or any such occasions. They are mainly made of metal and are studded with precious gems to give the richly look. Kalangi comes in different styles or rather different designs. Some are made of gold and some have feathers fitted on them to give the rich ethnic look and reveal the cultural background they belong to.

8 Types Of Accessories Men Should Know About
8 Types Of Accessories Men Should Know About
8 Types Of Accessories Men Should Know About
8 Types Of Accessories Men Should Know About