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6 Must Have Hats This Season, To Funk Up Your Personality!

6 Must have hats this season

Hats are back in fashion and out with a bang. There are 7 styles of hats that have always been in fashion and will continue to inspire several designers for years to come!

1) Pie Hat

This is your classic pie shaped hat that has a mysterious charm to it. We love these hats that add a sparkle to your style. It is a subtle yet strong statement and can be further accentuated with the help of decorative feather or other clip-ons. This hat is great for a blazer or suit day; but for a casual or semi-formal look perhaps in denims.

2) Textured Hat

This refers to your woolen monkey cap. Yea it has never ever sounded fashionable but it is a great accessory and almost a hidden weapon to fight the cold winters for men with long hair. This keeps your hair under control and is a great Owen Wilson style for your routine life. Not to forget it is very useful and also protects your ears!

3) Flat Cap

There are several styles of flat cap and all of them made famous by Hollywood actors! These are depicted as a trend in the 70s and 80s but it is very much back in fashion and creating a stir. This is great for a blazer look as well but also goes with your shorts! It is a playful yet mature look.

4) Trilby Hat

A trilby is a type of hat with a narrow brim and indented crown. Thus the shape is very unique and often carried off by Johnny Depp. It is a cool style statement and often worn by the elite in the older days. It has now regained its position in the fashion world and has become a must buy to go with your formal attire. A ribbon or strap at the bottom of the crown where it meets the brim, is the classic style. It is also referred to as the Fedora.

5) Baker Boy Cap

This is a lot like your flat hat but a more advanced version of it with more fluff to add extra volume around the crown region. It is a cool fashion trend and is no more worn by just the baker’s boy. It is very much popular in the fashion world and goes perfectly well with any sweater look. This style is really cool but it also keeps you warm in the winters!

6) Panama Luxurious Hat

This is your classic “cruise” hat. It is luxurious and rich. it screams status and elegance. This style of hat is very bold and only men with confidence can pull this off. A nice satin bow at the base of the crown or some accessory on either side is a great addition to this look.

Hats radiate confidence and also protect your head from sunlight. They help your body contain the hydration and stay hydrated longer! It is also important to always pair them off with a nice pair of fashionable yet useful sunglasses.



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