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8 Exciting Ways To Wear The Oxford Shirt

8 Ways Of Styling Oxford Shirts That Can Never Go Wrong

Fashionable and useful, Oxford shirts are a true blue classic that can never go out of style. Their versatility makes them a staple item for the modern man. It provides comfort and looks opulent, sleek and laid back.

An Oxford shirt is identified by its oxford weave. The pattern is similar to that of a basket’s making it easily recognizable. It combines two yarns woven lengthwise, and another, heavier yarn crosswise. Most Oxfords have button down collars.

Traditionally available in shades of blue, the Oxford has come a long way with the addition of ne colors, styles, patterns and fabrics without losing the charm of the old. It has made place in high fashion striving on innovative ideas based on a strong foundation of its original values, style and quality.

We present the traditional go to attire of the English polo players in fresh new combinations and styles to look charming and dapper.

Here are 8 ways to experiment with the Oxford Shirt for optimization of Fashion!

1. We begin with a formal look. An Oxford plus, some well fitted straight fit trousers, a belt, formal shoes and a watch. Color co-ordinate the tie and the shirt. When in doubt pick a solid tie instead of some pattern. Match the belt with the shoes in both color and texture. The watch too in case you wear a strappy one. Match metal with metal.

2. Second is the look for a big date, where you want to up the stakes or a social gathering, where you want to stand out. Team up your Oxford with a stylish Blazer and trousers. Ditch the tie and leave the top button open.

3. The third look is a business casual look. This works in offices where the dress code is neither too strict nor too lenient. Team up your Oxford with a pair of Chinos and a well fitted Blazer. Leave the Oxford untucked. You can pick the Blazer and the chinos either in same or similar colors to create a symmetrical and seamless look or in contrasting colors for an interesting and different look.

4. The semi relaxed look. This is the look that works for casual Fridays at work as well as for those days where you have plans just after work and do not have the time to change to carry an extra set of clothes.  So this works for all your post work relaxation activities like chilling with friends, meeting up for drinks, celebrating an office colleague’s birthday or farewell. Meeting your lady after work. You get my drift?   An Oxford with a pair of Khakis. Roll up your sleeves, not like a joint please, neatly. Have some method to your madness. Let the oxford be untucked and leave the top two buttons open.

5. The fifth is a preppy or Ivy League look. For this look you will need a pair of well fitted slim fit jeans, preferably in a darker shade, an Oxford shirt, of course, tucked in. And a light knit sweater over it. Keep the collars of the Oxford shirt out. You ca go for a full sleeves or a sleeveless sweater. Add a pair of glasses for the sexy nerd look.

6. A variation of the above look is to leave the Oxford untucked and wear a light knit sweater or cool sporty or Bomber jacket over it. The layering will add depth to your look.

7. The next look is the laidback and casual denim look. A pair of slim fit denims with an Oxford. Here you can experiment with the Oxford and pick something a little different than the original blue Oxford as almost everything goes with a nice pair of well fitted jeans.

8. The last look is playing a little with the above look. Use your Oxford as an over shirt and wear a solid under shirt with a round, U or V-neck. Leave the buttons undone.

It does not make sense to own apparel and not experiment with it and check out the different possibilities. Hope you try out these looks and find them striking!



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