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7 Old & Outdated Hats Men Should Never Wear Again!

A classic gentleman of the bygone era would not appear in public without a hat on. It was considered the mark of a true gentleman, a man of manner and style! Apart from style, hats have proved to be functional and useful, whether its to beat the heat in the summers or to keep warm in the winters. There are many kinds of hats available, some have been associated to a specific sport or era or region or celebrity. They have even been designed and segregated for people from diverse cultures, ages, classes and professions.

There are many men who still do not step out without a hat even today, who like to accessorize with a hat. For these men it is imperative to know which hats rock and which have sadly outlived their existence and have now become obsolete.

In this article we are listing out 7 such old and outdated hats, the dinosaurs of the style, which are now extinct.

1. Bucket Hat:

Also known as a session hat, a fisherman’s hat or Irish country hat, this headwear has a wide and slopping downwards brim with two metal eyelets placed on each side of the hat. This hat is generally fashioned out of heavy fabrics like cotton, denim or canvas. Introduced in the 1900’s and popularized in the 1960’s this hat is now outdated.

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2. Kangol Hat:

This used to be the go to hat for any kid born in the 90’s. It went with practically anything. Most movies, music videos, and TV sitcoms in those days had at least one character sporting a Kangol Hat. Sadly this item too has lived past its life.

3. The Flat Cap:

Made from wool or tweed or cotton, the flat cap is basically a rounded cap with a small stiff brim at the front. Also called the Ivy cap or the Newsboy cap or the paddy cap, this style originates from Great Britain. It is a style which is strongly associated with England’s working class, taxicab and bus drivers. This was used to add depths to several characters in popular TV shows and sketches like EastEnders and Only Fools and Horses. The flat cap saw some action in 2011, but that’s what was last heard of it.

4. The Boater:

This is a men’s formal summer hat. It is made by weaving together stiff sennit straw and has a stiff crown and brim. It is usually styled with a grosgrain ribbon around the crown. Often paired up with a linen suit and a blazer, worn when boating or sailing (hence the name), It is now something that should be reserved for the older gentlemen.

5. The Bowler:

An extremely popular style of hard felt hat with short brims and a round crown. This style too originated in England and has been made iconic by Charlie Chaplin. This hat has been very popular but a long time back. This is not exactly the epitome of style today. I think the last I saw any celebrity sport it on screen was Aamir Khan in the Dhoom series but that was in 2013, three years back!

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6. The Top Hat:

I am sorry; but I cannot imagine this hat on anyone except Abraham Lincoln. Once cool, now it seems like a fancy dress parade. If you are aiming for a costume party then you can go ahead but if that is not your goal then please avoid this.

7. The Homburg:

Remember Al Pacino wearing a hat in Godfather, the 1972 Coppola movie based on the novel by Mario Puzo, well that exactly is a Homburg, a felt hat with a sole dent running down the center of the crown with a stiff brim and a bound edge trim. This hat is more formal than the fedora but its style quotient is rapidly declining. It is now considered extremely orthodox.

So if you are a hat connoisseur make sure you do not make the mistake of flaunting an outdated style of hat. Remember there is a fine line between vintage and outdated. You do not want to look the latter.


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