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6 Very Essential Travel Bags For the Man On The Move

Carrying the right kind of luggage in your Travel Bags and packing smart is crucial for men who live out of their suitcases and are regularly travelling for work.

You are already away from home and all that is familiar, in a new place, probably among strangers sometimes amongst strangers speaking a different language.

Not only does this save time, it also reduces stress. You can have a trip free from worry. You don’t have to spend hours trying to find something or trying to fit something back in your suitcase.

But how do you pick the right suitcase? There are so many options; there are backpacks, trolley bags, duffel bags and many more. So how do you solve this dilemma? Fret not for there is one simple solution. Make Quality and Convenience, the parameters for your choice.

The quality of the luggage and Travel Bags should be good. It should be able to survive your trip. The luggage material should be strong and sturdy and not flimsy and highly susceptible to damage. It should be able to carry all your stuff and that too safely. It should come with extra pockets to stuff everything you forget to pack at the end moment or stuff that you want to keep handy. Keeping a check list wouldn’t hurt either. Make sure your bag doesn’t weigh much when its empty and it follows the TSA restrictions. The bag should also be comfortable to carry.

  Make Quality and Convenience, the parameters for your choice.

The 6 essential types of luggage travel bags are:

1. Carry On Luggage:

Carry On’s are great for carrying your gadgets like laptop, camera, charger, kindle or Ipad and any other thing you may require on the flight. These are great for navigation. Before buying a carry on, check its wheels and handle.

2. Convenience Bag:

These are your on flight carry on bags. They are usually small and used for carrying personal items. You can pick a briefcase or a bag pack or a flight bag. Some of these have special functions; they can be attached to the tray table.

3. Dopp Kit:

This will help you avoid leaks and protect your stuff from the liquids you are carrying like your shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, gel and so on. Remember what happened with Ross after coming back from Barbados. You don’t want the same to happen to you right? And I am talking about the shampoo explosion and not Rachael and Joey kissing. A Dopp kit is a smart way to carry your grooming products and medicines on the go.

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4. Suitcase:

This is the bag that you check in, the one carrying your apparels, shoes and other items too big for your carry on or not that important to carry on your person. If you are planning a long trip then pick a larger suitcase. Choose a suitcase with wheels to be free from the hassle of carrying it around.

5. Protective Bags:

A Dopp Kit is also a type of protective bag. Additional Bags should be carried for protecting expensive items. Protective bags include:

  • Shoe Bags,
  • Garment Bags &
  • Compression Cubes

6. Duffle Bags:

Duffle Bags are the kind of Travel Bags that look sporty and have lots of room. They are great for travelling when you need to carry light. But I wouldn’t recommend a duffle alone for a long trip. There are some companies which have recently introduced duffle bags with wheels. This makes it even more convenient and travel friendly.

So friends these are the 6 essential types of bags every jet setter and high flyer should own. Remember packing smart and carrying the right kind of luggage ensures a great start of a new journey.


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