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3 Ways to Style the Trendy Cropped Trousers

Jump on the bandwagon with the latest cropped style pants and beat the heat this summer!

Black and White Stripped Cropped Trousers for men

Cropped pants for men are the style that just got hot. Until now its only been women that have been pulling off the ankle game. But now this trend is here to stay and therefore you must at least have the basic idea.

Now cropped pants can either be denims, tracks, trousers. While we do love tracks and denims, we will stick with the cropped trouser trend for this one. First things first, cropped does not mean something that is like 5 inches above your actual ankle! Cropped trousers should be merely long enough to just graze your ankles or maybe an inch higher but no more. There is no need to go overboard because then what you are wearing becomes 3/4th pants and we don’t need that style right now.

There are several ways to style cropped trousers and we will cover them all here in short. If you wish to have a detailed guide for each style, please leave a comment below.

Wish to flaunt your ankles in the sizzling heat with the cropped pants trend? Read on…

1. The Classic
By now if you have not already purchased a classic white shirt, now will be a pretty good time. This is an understated mature look and would be ideal for dates or special occasions. You need your crisp white shirt, preferably short sleeved or you may fold your full sleeves, your cropped pants and some classic shoes like brogues or monk straps if possible. Add on some funky socks if you wish to tone it down a bit and make it more of a casual style. And they still classify as trousers even though cropped, so do not forget the watch!

2. The college guy
As the name suggests, this is your classic casual look. It is ideal for college days or just a casual outing with friends. This look will comprise of maybe some colorful or bold cropped pants with a classic t-shirt or a casual shirt and sneakers. The sneakers play a very important part in bringing together the outfit. Preferably fun socks will add more substance to the whole casual-boyish vibe. Mismatched superhero socks will totally stand out!

3. Mr Funky
This is a style too cool for, well any place. It entirely depends on the wearer to pull it off with confidence. Go for your bold/classic cropped trousers as per your choice. For a bold pair go for subtle shirt or t-shirt and for a subtle pair, opt for a bolder shirt or t-shirt option. Add in maybe a hat or a tie or any accessory of your choice. Wear monk straps or brogues with this look. Slip-ins will also work. Don’t just off the bat adopt a crazy style. Make sure you feel comfortable to pull off this look. It sure is a risk taker!

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