Perfect Outfit Ideas To Wear At A Mehndi Ceremony

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Perfect Outfit Ideas To Wear At A Mehndi Ceremony

Finally, the awaited days are round the corner! You can’t wait to plunge yourself in all the grand wedding celebrations. Collating gifts, getting primed, running and dancing around for wildly excited festivities which are way too much work. But more stressful than this, is the question that you get – what will you wear for pre- wedding ceremonies? Well don’t forget that there are awesome pre-wedding galas like Engagement, Haldi, Mehendi, Sangeet, and what not! Do prepare yourself to stand out in guests by going for the right outfit on right ceremony. Here in this blog I will specifically talk on one of the most amazing ceremony that will light up your wedding memories – Mehndi.

Before starting with the styling tips I would like to make the importance of Mehndi Ceremony clear to you. Basically this ceremony is carried out by applying Mehndi a mixture of henna, essential oils, lemon and other such ingredients on both Brides and Grooms palms. There are many beliefs related to Mehndi ceremony from ancient times- 1: Colour of mehndi determines the bond and love between the couple. 2: Darker the colour of Mehndi high is the chances that Bride will receive more love from husband and in-laws. 3: Longer it stays; it’s auspicious for the newlywed couple. 4: It is also a symbolic representation of fertility. But the scientific reason behind this is the Henna helps in controlling the nerves and also helps staying calm in stressful wedding situation.

So, now when you know about Mehndi Ceremony we will move ahead towards getting styled for this Ceremony. There are few things you need to keep in mind before styling for this pre-wedding function to look stunning and also be comfortable. This ceremony will demand running around, people will drag you on the dance floor every second, you will meet many guests and more importantly it will stretch for hours so should definitely dress accordingly.

Mehndi Ceremony Outfit for Own Wedding

Being a bride you will be at the limelight during the Mehndi Ceremony. You will have to sit there for hours with mehndi on your hands this will increase your difficulty level to carry your outfit. Thus go for a light weight Lehenga but which gives great look that matches the level of a bride, net material Lehenga will be best for this. If you want grand look go for a lehenga that has amazing embroidery and great borders. Try to go for good colour contrast that will enhance your look and outfit too. If you can’t carry a dupatta because of the mehndi go for heavy embroidery lehenga with simple dupatta and wrap it around.

Mehndi Ceremony Outfit for Friend’s Wedding

If it’s your besties wedding it is your right and duty to get styled equally like her because you can’t let her look pretty alone! It is obvious that you can’t wear lehenga like her but there are other options too that will make you shine out. Try to go for Simple Palazzo Pants and Heavy Kurta over it for simple look. Wear Dhoti Pants with contrast colour Kurti and get elegant look easily. Style an Anarkali with good embroidery and great borders on dupatta for chic look.

anarkali for mehendi

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Mehndi Ceremony Outfit for Relative’s Wedding

You would definitely not love to become the hot topic for aunties to gossip about you on your fashion or styling disaster, better dress up right to avoid them! Keep it simple and pretty while dressing up with floral embroidered Gown. If it’s your close relative’s wedding try to go for Saree and it’s not the close ones opt for Plain long Skirt and middle cut Kurta. Cape Style Dress will go amazingly well for Mehendi Ceremony.

Accessories for Mehendi Ceremony

Mainly nowadays brides and brides mate keep the theme for Mehendi as Green, and ask guests to dress up in green. If you are the bride and want the right accessorising tip I would like to tell you go for flower jewellery as it is trending these days and also makes the bride look more beautiful. If you are not a bride then try to match your Bangles, Earrings and Neckwear with the outfit. Make sure that these don’t differ much from each other as they may break your look.

Footwear for Mehendi Ceremony

As I mentioned earlier that Mehendi Ceremony lasts for hours and you will have a tiring day, you will mess up even more if you opt for the wrong footwear which is not comfortable. Try to avoid high heels and go for regular heel size, Sandals is a good option but be very careful while choosing a right pair because not all sandals go with Indian wear, Juttis is an evergreen footwear option you must try for.

Mehndi Ceremony
Mehndi Ceremony Ideas
Start The Wedding Season With The Perfect Mehndi Ceremony Dress
Perfect Outfit Ideas To Wear At A Mehndi Ceremony
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Perfect Outfit Ideas To Wear At A Mehndi Ceremony
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