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Haldi Ceremony Ideas – What To Wear This Wedding Season

Haldi Ceremony Outfit Ideas – For Bride, Relatives, Friends; Accessories; Footwear; Images

Haldi Ceremony Ideas – What To Wear This Wedding Season

I am sure you must have read many blogs before this, to figure out the perfect outfit for Haldi Ceremony. Well, let me assure that you won’t have to continue your research on this anymore as here you will get a complete guide on how to get styled for Haldi. It is actually very difficult to figure out which outfit, accessory and footwear will go for this wedding function without being over or under dressed.

Usually Women take Wedding and Reception Outfit into consideration over other function’s outfits during wedding preparations. In fact, these small functions add up to the wedding experience and memories. It will be unfair if you miss out this very important and the very first weddings function. Well, it is quite confusing what to wear on this yellow day which is alike Holi Festival. There is high possibility of you spoiling your outfit, better keep it a little off beat making sure it looks elegant and stylish. Wedding is a very special chapter of one’s life that starts with this beautiful ceremony that includes fun, songs, dance and laughter.

Turmeric, sandalwood and rose water paste is applied to the bride to eliminate negativity, fill positivity, add some glow, symbolise blessings and purify soul. It is likely that it will leave some yellow strains on your outfit thus you should prefer wearing yellow and its various shades to save your outfit from embarrassment.

Haldi Ceremony Outfit for Own Wedding

If it’s your own wedding and you are looking for the right outfit for you here is what you should prefer: Try to go for Lehenga Choli or a Saree as this will give you great look and make you shine out in all the guests. As it’s your day, the outfit should match the situation and feel making you look pretty and elegant. Try going for Yellow lehenga with gold embroidery, try for some colour contrast while pairing up yellow with pink, green, white, off white Saree with yellow Blouse will definitely complete your look.

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Haldi Ceremony Outfit for Friend’s Wedding

As its your friends Haldi you just can’t walk off in any outfit from your wardrobe, you have to prepare for it. Try to keep it low key so that you don’t dress up like a bride but not that less attractive that you don’t even look like you attending an important wedding function. Go for yellow or white Top with red or golden Dhoti Pants, pair up Palazzo pants with Long Kurti, Style your Salwar Suit in contrasting colours, embroidery and borders.

Jacket for Haldi

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Haldi Ceremony Outfit for Relative’s Wedding

We all run away from are relatives to avoid their questions and comments on our life but go can’t get rid of them during weddings. All you can do is distract them! Wear good outfit that will make them discuss its design and the store you brought it from instead discussing your life. Jokes apart! You should surely get well dressed during a Haldi Ceremony for that you can wear a good yellow Chudidar Kurta and Patiala with great border and colour contrast. Pair yellow embroidered Jacket on your Kurta to get indo-western look. Style your blazer with good Shirt and you are Haldi ready.

Skirt for Haldi

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Accessories for Haldi Ceremony

When it comes to accessories I am sure you must be very confused on which accessory will go well with your Haldi Outfit. Well, it’s important to go for the perfect one as it can make or break your look. Go for a simple Necklace that will enhance your outfit, if you want elegant look avoid necklace and opt for heavy earring. A Tiara Or Maang Tikka will compliment your outfit and also make you look pretty.

Footwear for Haldi Ceremony

We always end up having no appropriate Footwear for ethics as it is not that regularly used as compared to western outfits. When we talking about styling right footwear with Haldi outfit jootis will be best as it won’t have those painless heels attached to it but it will have elegant and ethnic favour in it. Sandals is a comfortable option but you need to be careful while selecting the right pair as it can make you look weird if styled wrong. These will go with all Lehenga, Saree, Dhoti Pants, Skirts, Jackets, Anarkali and Salwar Suits. Heels are evergreen! Go for a good design and colour and you are Haldi ready.

Haldi Ceremony
Grab The Attention (After The Bride Ofc!) With These Stunning Outfits For Haldi Ceremony
Wedding Style Guide – How To Style For Haldi Ceremony
Haldi Ceremony Ideas – What To Wear This Wedding Season
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Haldi Ceremony Ideas – What To Wear This Wedding Season
Grab the attention with these stunning outfits for haldi ceremony. Here you will get a complete guide on how to get styled for haldi.
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