5 Latest Saree Styles For Women To Choose From!

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5 Latest Saree Styles For Women To Choose From!

Saree is a type of garment worn by women in India. It is five to nine yards long and draped around the body with one piece of fabric. Sari can be wrapped around the body in many different styles. Majority of the Indian women still wears saree; it is oldest piece of clothing. Sarees was also mentioned in the Vedas, with is the oldest books in the Hindu religion.

How to wear a saree:

Now-a-days there are many ways to wear a saree. But the most basic way to wear/drape a sari is to first winding it around the waist and then wrapping it on the upper part of your body. Women also wear a petticoat (with goes under the saree) and a blouse along with the saree.

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Saree Styles:

As mentioned early, there isn’t just one way to style a saree. The styles of sari draping changes with time, and also different region/religion have their own way of draping a saree. Like there is Bengali style, Gujarati style, Nauvari style etc. The style of the sari may be according to personal style, ethnic background and social class.

1. Traditional Style Saree

This is the most basic style of sari (as mention above) that mostly every woman wears. The design of the sari varies according to the occasion. Sarees worn in wedding are much heavier in terms of work than the sarees you wear on the regular basis. Well to wear a traditional sari with a twist you can wear a modern blouse design instead of the regular ones.

2. Dhoti Style Saree

Dhoti style sari has gained a lot of popularity amongst the fashionistas. It not only gives you more room and makes is easier to move, but also is amazing when it is paired with a jacket for an electric look. Wear your dhoti sari with lycra tights instead of petticoat to tuck in the saree.

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3. Saree Lehenga

It is the latest member in the sari collection. They are also known as lehenga saree, it very much in trend right now. In the style the lehenga choli is worn in the form of sari i.e. the dupatta is draped like the sari around the lehenga.

4. Saree For Party

Sarees can be worn is any occasion or party, from being a wedding or engagement to a birthday party. Women generally wear saris on religious occasions. Well it is difficult to look different and stylish with a saree, but not anymore here are some ways you can drape your sari for any party.

5. Mermaid style saree

Mermaid style sari as the name says, give you the look of a mermaid. The lower part is the sari looks like a skirt which gives the sari the mermaid look. They are suitable for all body types, but women with curvy body tend to have an advantage with this style. This style will look even more attractive if the pallu of the sari is heavy.

Here are some Tips you should keep in mind while draping saree:

  • Learn how to wear a simple saree first before trying out different styles.
  • Get the right petticoat (underskirt) and blouse for your saree.
  • Make sure that the petticoat is firmly tied around your waist, to ensure that the sari is tucked in properly.
  • ALWAYS put on any footwear (heels if possible) before you begin draping your saree. This will help you to figure out the draped length of your saree.
  • You must have lots of safety pins or clips to pin up or secure the sari whenever needed.
  • Select the right fabric and colour for the saree. There are many fabrics available in the market to choose from; like silk, georgette, cotton, linen etc.
  • Choose the perfect draping style. Make sure you choose a style that complements for body style and your personality.
  • Never do pleats on the pallu with net or georgette.
  • Avoid caring big size purse. A small size clutch will perfectly go with your saree.
9 Tips You Should Keep In Mind While Draping A Saree
How To Wear A Saree Like The Beautiful Deepika Padukone
Latest Saree Styles For Women
Latest Saree Styles
9 Tips You Should Keep In Mind While Draping A Saree
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9 Tips You Should Keep In Mind While Draping A Saree
Saris are the most basic Indian wear outfit for women. Nowadays there are many ways to wear a saree. Here are 5 latest saree styles for women.
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