Complete Your Outfit With Style, Elegance And The Perfect Footwear

Stunning Footwear – Types, Tips, Guide, Images, Etc

Complete Your Outfit With Style, Elegance And The Perfect Footwear

Good footwear is a must in your wardrobe, which not only protects your foot but also complements your look. There are various Occasion like Diwali, Wedding, Haldi, Mehendi or Pooja where you can’t style your western footwear instead you need an Indian Ethnic Footwear. You can’t wear heels for Dancing at Sangeet and same way you can’t wear casual Chappals on Lehenga or Gown, you require footwear for different activities. You can opt for any footwear on the basis of styling it for a particular occasion.

Types Of Footwear

1. Jutti:

When I think about Footwear for Ethnic outfits the first thing I get in mind is jutti. Well I know many of you wouldn’t be aware about them. Here I have a complete guide which will help you buy your right pair and style it with right outfit for any occasion. Basically jutti is common footwear in North Indian states mainly made up of leather with amazing embroidery of gold or silver threads. Jutti design is an inspiration from Indian Royalties. You can Style It with Dhoti Pants, Gown, Salwar Suits. Saree with Jutti is a very big NO as you may look like a Fashion disaster.


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2. Mojari:

Mojari is similar to Jutti but have its own uniqueness. It’s a traditional footwear whose origin can be traced to during the 3rd and 4th Centuries. Till date it’s a trendy footwear for ethnic outfits in India. Mojari is an absolute must have in every woman’s wardrobe. It has fabulous embroidery and also some ethnic patterns on them. All this makes it a perfect match for all ethnic Indian outfits. Mojari looks extremely chic for all occasions. There are varieties of designs available nowadays in amazing eye-catching colours with elaborate designs that enhance the beauty of your look.

3. Kolhapuris:

Kolhapuri is popular footwear from Maharashtra that is very versatile and classic at the same time. You can pair it up with any outfits be it Indian or western for any occasion it will make you stand out in crowd effortlessly. It is available in variety of colours including silver and gold that makes it go well with all the outfits. It is idle for women who want to avoid heels and yet look stunning. It can be styled with Kurti, Salwar Suits, Saree and also with Indo western outfit. Kolhapuris will surely upgrade your fashion style with ease.

4. Heels:

You all would be aware that Heels is an abbreviation used for high heel footwear. It raises the wearer’s foot heel that rises than the toe exactly the way it raises the wearers fashion style. Heels is used to get the illusion of long and slender legs which is a must when you wear a saree, lehenga or gown. It has variable heel length with smallest heel length to the longest heel that makes it easy for you to choose the right one for you according to the occasion you want to style it for. Heels are basically outdoor footwear idle for any casual or formal occasion. It gives you stylish and elegant look you can flaunt all day with ease.

5. Sandal:

Sandal is open footwear with straps crossing toe, ankle and feet that are attached to the sole which is a must have in your wardrobe for styling it with ethnic wear. It is available in wide range of designs, styles, color, and material of the upper and also has variable heel length from cone heel to chunky heels and from kitten heels to stilettos heels. Sandal is convenient footwear as it is comfortable, breathable, favorable for all seasons and versatile. It can be styled with formal attire for meeting or with any casual one for casual occasion. Sandals are popular amongst women as it one of the most fashionable and stylish footwear.


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Tips For Styling Ethnic Footwear

1. Make sure the footwear you buy gives you both style and comfort at the same time as you can’t manage heavy Lehenga and pain during a celebration.
2. Pick up the right footwear for you after considering many aspects like size, design, shape, toe shape, heel type and many more.
3. Avoid High Heels if you can’t carry Saree with ease as you can have difficulties walking in it.
4. Mojaris and Jootis go well with Salwar Suits, Dhoti Pants, Palazzo pants and Gowns.
5. You can also style it with your Indo western or Western outfit to get Stunning look.
6. Try to match the footwear with your outfit to maintain your look.
7. Make sure the footwear you picked will complement your outfit.
8. Pick up embellished or the embroidered pattern to add some spark to your look.
9. Try to opt for classic colours like brown, black or red to keep it simple and elegant.
10. For Wedding or Reception Ceremony go for gold or silver patchwork and designs.

Step into elegance with our exquisite footwear collection, designed to complement the grace of every woman’s beautiful feet.

5 Footwear To Complement Your Traditional Outfit With Grace
Stunning Footwear
10 Style Tips To Pair Your Outfit With The Right Footwear
Complete Your Outfit With Style, Elegance And The Perfect Footwear
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Complete Your Outfit With Style, Elegance And The Perfect Footwear
Footwear is an important part of your outfit. Here we have for you 5 types of footwear to complement your traditional outfit with grace.
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