Mens Harrington Jacket Fitting Guide

Mens Harrington Jacket Fitting Guide

Mens Harrington Jacket Fitting Guide

A jacket is only as good as its fit. If you mess this up, even the most expensive jacket doesn’t stand a chance. And the Harrington is no different. It is a perfect jacket for the spring-summer period. Invented in 1937 and known as the Baracuta G9 till 1969, the Harrington jacket got its name from the actor Ryan O’Neal. In the TV series Peyton Place he played the character of Rodney Harrington and was seen in a Baracuta G9 so much so that the Baracuta G9 came to be known as Harrington jacket.

So what are the things to keep in mind regarding the fit of a Harrington jacket?

  • Make sure that the jacket you pick is symmetric and proportionate.

Make sure your shoulders align.

  • The jacket is designed in a slim fit style.

  • The elastic hem at the cuffs of the sleeves and the waist fall in place.
  • The elastic should cover the belt area of your pants and the sleeves must cover your arms and reach your wrists.
  • The Harrington jacket has an inner and outer lining. The outer lining should be a blend of cotton and water and wind resistant fabric.
  • Classic Harrington’s are always in cotton, however many designers have also experimented with wool, corduroy, suede and leather. I personally prefer cotton.

  • Since it is designed to be light weight and water and wind resistant, it is perfect for spring/summer.
  • Get a cool Harrington of your own and be spring ready!

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