Mighty In Scope, But Small In Size- The Wallet

Mighty In Scope, But Small In Size- The Wallet

Men have an interesting relationship with the wallet. A wallet organizes a mas daily essential – ID cards, credit cards, cash and other very very important documents. Just imagine yourself without a wallet. It’s the accessory representing money, power, and influence. More entwined to your day to day existence than you could have ever thought of. Organize your life – get a good wallet.

The wallet completes your attire. The minimalist wallet designs replace that bulky wallet and easily fit into your back pocket. In a world of wallets,  less is more!

  • A thick wallet makes an asymmetrical bulge under your class.  It looks more like a tumor.  And not at all stylish.

  • There should never be fringes of tattered paper or badly bent plastic cards sticking out when you produce your wallet in public.  It definitely isn’t a least bit impressive.

Do not carry anything that isn’t regularly needed and vital to have on at all times.

A gentleman’s wallet needs to be two things.

1) Functional (what your wallet needs)

2) Presentation (what a good wallet looks like)

So get a good wallet and make sure you keep it slim and don’t carry unnecessary things.

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