Everything You Need To Know About Styling Palazzo Pants

Pretty Palazzo Pants – Style, Tips, Images, Guide, Patterns, Colours

Everything You Need To Know About Styling Palazzo Pants

In my previous blog we talked about different ways to style dhoti pants. Well today I have for you, everything you need to know about palazzo pants – types, styles, tips etc. Let’s begin with the basics first. Palazzo pants are a garment for women worn on the lower part of their body. They are generally styled or paired with western outfits but in year recent years they have made their way to the Indian outfits.

Palazzo pants were a big hit in the 60s and 70s but if have noticed, they have made a comeback in the fashion world. They are one the favourite pants in women’s wardrobe as they are comfortable, stylish, and above all versatile as they can be styled with basically anything from casual to formal wear, from western to Indian wear.

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Palazzo Pants – Styles

In this blog I’m gonna talk about how to style your palazzo pants with Indian outfits.

The Long Kurta/Kurti Look:

Pair up your palazzo pants with a long kurta and that’s it, your Indian outfit is ready. Even though kurta are worn with leggings as they soft and comfortable but they are nothing compared to palazzos. Finish your look with beautiful long earring and high heels and you and ready to rock your simple but stylish look.

The Anarkali Look:

Anarkali suit with palazzo pant is perfect for a special occasion like wedding, family functions, pre-wedding functions etc. Pair your beautiful anarkali with palazzo pants and create and new and fresh look for your anarkali. Do not forget to accessorize properly, wear big and heavy earring. The most important is footwear, always wear heels. If you are not comfortable in high heels with try-out kitten heels or wedges but do not wear flats.

beautiful anarkali dress with palazzo pants

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The Jacket Look:

Palazzo pants can also with styled with jackets. They can be worn with long kurti and the simple long kurta look, a new style. Or they can be paired with jacket style kurta. And again, any outfit is incomplete with accessories, so do not forget to accessorize accordingly.

Palazzo Suits:

If you think palazzo pant with long kurta is too simple and the anarkali look is way too heavy for a casual family get together, then palazzo suits are the perfect option for you. You can pair your palazzos with salwar kameez instead of leggings and give them a new look.

Palazzo Pants – Pattern and Colour

Palazzo pant is available in many different patterns; there are some retro prints, prints from the 60s and 70s with intricate psychedelics, monochrome Jacquards. There are varieties of colour that palazzo pants come in, from simple and light shades to bright and bold colours. You just have to pick the pattern and colour which suits you and your outfit and style with the right combinations.

Tips To Get The Perfect Outfit

  • Make sure you choose the right fabric for your outfit.
  • While choose the fabric, opt for floral as they are universal and will go with any outfit
  • Choosing the right waist style is also important. For Indian outfits go for low-waist palazzo pants while for western outfits crop top opt for high-waist.
  • Jewellery complements palazzos; you should always style for palazzo outfits lots of accessories.
  • And as per the colour of the palazzo is concerned always go for subtle and simple shades.
  • Now footwear, my advice for you is to wear heels, unless you enough to wear flats.
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Everything You Need To Know About Styling Palazzo Pants
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Everything You Need To Know About Styling Palazzo Pants
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