8 Tips For Women To Style Your Kurti The Right Way

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8 Tips For Women To Style Your Kurti The Right Way

In my previous blog I wrote about salwar suits, different styles of salwar suits and some tips to follow while styling salwar suits. If you haven’t seen that blog, don’t forget to check it out. So, after writing about salwar suits which is a common ethnic wear found in every woman’s wardrobe; I’m now writing about kurti which is also a very common outfit for women.

Kurti is an outfit worn on the upper part of women’s body, but they vary in length. Kurtis are a longer version of kurta which are generally worn by men but women wear them too. Kurtis are a commonly found ethnic wear in women’s wardrobe. Every women India at least owns one pair of kurti. They are the most basic and simple traditional wear found in the fashion world. They are available in many fabrics like cotton, silk, etc.

kurti styled with jackets

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Kurtis are not only comfortable but also stylish. They come in different colours, patterns, designs, styles. Like some traditional outfits, kurtis are not limited to a particular region. They can be worn women no matter where they are from. Not only that, they can be worn in any season. For summers cotton kurtis are preferred while for winters woollen kurtis are more common.

Kurti – Types Of Kurtis For Women To Choose From:

As mentioned above, kurtis are available in many fabrics, designs, colours. They are also available in many varieties. Here are some different types of kurtis for women to choose from:

Tail Cut Kurti

Even though kurtis are of daily/casual wear outfit, there are some types of kurtis which can be worn as part wear outfits. Tail cut kurtis are one the party wear outfits but they aren’t the best option for a formal event. As the name says, these as shorter in the front and long at the back (like a tail). Generally they are styled with leggings or jeggings. Tail cut kurtis with cigarette pants are high on trend right now.

brown tail cut kurti with heels

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A-line Kurti

A-Line kurtis are very popular amongst young women. The name of this outfit says it all, these kurtis look like the alphabet ‘A’, fitted at the top and flared at the bottom part of the kurti. These kurtis are available in many colours, designs, patterns. One of the reasons why they so popular amongst young generation as they can be worn to any event, from casual to formal, from family gathering to a party.

Anarkali Kurti

Anarkali dress has taken over the traditional wear. They are basically every woman go to ethnic wear. They are perfect for every occasion from weddings to casual family gathering to festivals. They are available in many different colours, designs, patterns and styles. Anarkali kurtis are generally styled with leggings or churidars; they can be also styled with palazzo pants, ethnic skirts and jackets.

To know more about styling anarkali dresses do check out my blog for them.

Angarkha Kurti

Angarkha style kurtis are originated from Rajasthan. They are inspired by the courtroom musician’s outfit, where the front portion of the kurti is overlapping. Angarkha kurtis in anarkali style are high on trend right now! Depending on the fabric, embroidery, designs they can worn from casual to formal or to even weddings accordingly. They are worn with leggings, churidar, straight pants and palazzo. To style your angarkha kurtis you must accessorize with beautiful earrings, bangles, add a stole or dupatta to finish your look. You must avoid wearing it with jackets or tights and must never wear them bottomless.

Dhoti Style Kurti

Dhoti pants are generally a part of men’s ethnic wear but recently they have taken over women ethnic wear. Dhoti style kurtis, pants, saree, gowns are very trendy now-a-days. They are the most innovation and stylish kurti. They are worn best with leggings, tight, if styled right they can also be worn bottomless. You avoid wearing them with jeans, churidars, dhoti pants, palazzo, patiala and must definitely not wear it to an interview or any formal events. They are a perfect party outfit.

Flared Kurti

Flared kurtis are a classic style of kurti. They give women a chic and elegant look. They can be worn as formal wear and casual wear. As the name says the kurti has a flare which makes them swing both ways. The hemline is open like a skirt which adds a bounce to the dress. If styled properly, they look very attractive. They are paired with legging, churidar, ankle length jeans, cigarette pants to give it a retro look and you can also add a jacket to complete your look.

Long Straight Kurti

Long straight kurtis are owned by everyone. They go well with all body types, and can be worn in any occasions. Long kurtis gives you a very stylish yet professional look. Women with short height are advisable to wear these as they can make you look taller. These kurtis are very versatile and goes with basically anything, like legging, straight pants and palazzo. They can even be paired with jackets to elevate your look.

Tips To Style Your Kurti The Right Way:

  • Make your style your kurtis with different bottom wear. Palazzo pants are high on trend right now.
  • Keep the colours of your top and bottom wear in the same shape family.
  • If you are going with different colour combinations with your top and bottom wear make sure that they complement each other.
  • Style your kurtis with skirts and give your leggings some rest.
  • As far the footwear, don’t be shy from wearing heels.
  • Add a waist belt on to your kurti to enhance your look.
  • Don’t not over accessorize with kurtis. They are a very simple outfit so accessorize accordingly.
  • Style your kurti with jeans to give it an indo-western look.

Kurtis are very easy to carry and style. They give women a flawless look. The best part about kurti is that it is not ages bound, anyone can wear it and it will make you look younger than your age.

I hope this blog will help your to style your kurtis in different ways.

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8 Tips For Women To Style Your Kurti The Right Way
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8 Tips For Women To Style Your Kurti The Right Way
Kurti is a commonly found ethnic wear in women’s wardrobe. Here we have for you 8 tips for women to style your kurti the right way.
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