9 Most underrated couple destinations

Usually when couples plan a trip it is either Paris or Switzerland or any other popular couple destination. It’s quite common for couples to pick these locations while planning their trip but there are so many couples out there who need new locations apart from these famous and very common locations and for those couples we have got something. In case you are one of them then your search of interesting and new location for your couple trip might end here because we have some quite underrated destinations which are truly amazing for a couple getaways.

9 Most underrated couple destinations

  • Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Not many people might be aware of Bosnia and Herzegovina but this that one location that can be a refreshing option in couple destinations across the world. Mostar the most visited in Bosnia and Herzegovina is filled with soothing waterfalls that also have cafes nearby with great food, and monasteries that date back in 16th century. The Old Bridge is an eye catching location in Mostar.

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina couple destinations ideas

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Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina best couple destinations.

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  • Cape Town, South Africa

    This one is little more known to people. Cape town is definitely underrated but worth for couple trips. From couples massage to sunset boat cruise, sunset cable car and most amazing movie watching experience at Galileo Open Air Cinema Cape town as a lot for couples

Cape Town, South Africa for couples

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  • Budapest, Hungary

    City of Budapest is one of the most romantic destination for couples and also the destination you will instantly fall in love with because of its historic sites amazing nightlife and of course food which is too good. The City has an interesting belief for couples in which you can pledge your love with a love lock on Chain bridge

  • Osaka, Japan

    Japans beauty isn’t hidden from the world and couples on this page can surely give a shot to Osaka for their couple getaway. Osaka castle is the most recommended place to visit in Osaka Japan. For couples a visit to japan will be a best experience in the season of Cherry Blossom which is romantically beautiful. Other then that there are popular sushi streets that get live in evenings and nights.

  • Oman

    Oman is one of those locations which is considered to be a paradise of love and romance because of its deserts and pristine beaches. Luxury Resorts, Beachside Camps and its untamed desserts give comfort and thrill.

Oman - Roamtic paradise for Couples

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  • Big Island, Hawaii

    The scenic and adventurous location you have been looking for is the Big Island of Hawaii. The beach side paradise has many adventurous activities for couples and the cruise sailing with lip-smacking dinner and live music is an experience to remember.

  • Moorea, French Polynesia

    The Marine vacation you might love is at Moorea in French Polynesia. The island is a $15 ferry ride away from Tahiti. Lush Green nature, Crystal Water, hikes, sharks and turtle, etc. Moorea in French Polynesia is such a worth it destination for Couples.

  • Hua Hin, Thailand

    Thailand is a well-known couple destination and couples also love it because of the spas food and couple activities. Hua Hin in Thailand isn’t very far from Bangkok. It’s one of the best destinations to visit in Thailand because of the night markets, delicious food, water parks, Beaches and Mountains and a lot more.

  • Antigua Guatemala

    An underrated location with an old school vibe, Antigua Guatemala in America is one of least touched places because of the earthquake that occurred during 1776 the all the 16th and 17th century churches and buildings went abandoned. The place is safe to travel and enough tourist’s friendly. Also for the couples who love that old school love vibe this place is perfect for them.

And that was a list of most underrated couple destinations. Let us know what destination from the above list you would love to visit with your beloved one. Let us know if you have any suggestions for us. You may also like the instagrammable loactions that we have got you covered. Thanks for reading.