3 Fabulous Cravat Looks That You Could Try With Formals/Casuals

In English, cravats are a satin or silk cloth worn around the neck. They are worn as a less formal substitute for neckties, because at times necktie can be too formal. Tying  cravats is very easy if one already knows how to tie a tie. Men cannot wear open-necked shirt to a formal event, even though it looks good. So, instead they can wear a day cravat which is a very smart choice.

3 must have Cravats for every men

1. formal cravat

Formal cravat is a type of neckwear like a necktie or a bow tie that is worn for formal occasions. Formal cravat is wonderful formal accessory everyman should invest in as it is suitable for your formal look. Its main feature is that it has unique shape and design which makes you look out of the ordinary. Formal cravat helps you look more handsome even in boring formals. It is a soft fabric with light weight that gives you exception comfort. Formal cravat is specially designed with high quality fabric, good interlining, elastic and best to tie perfect knots. It is available in range colors, texture and designs that enhance your look further. Formal cravat is suitable for wedding, engagement, funeral, annual meeting or graduation ceremony. It can be a perfect gift to a men as it such an accessory every man would love to add up in his wardrobe.

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2. Day Cravat

Day cravat is a neck wear that gives you unique and versatile look. Mostly people make a mistake assuming day cravat is an ascot but it’s not true, it is piece of fabric loosely tied under the open collar in no specific way.  Day cravat is a casual scarf that can be worn for any casual affair or occasion. It is luxuriously soft, durable and timeless. It is slim designed, have trendy, playful and classic pattern which is a best gift for a man. Day cravat as worn loose is very comfortable, can be worn under any neck opening attire, is simpler to tie as compared to a regular necktie, is casual so there is no need to style it with jackets or waistcoat, offers a lot of color option for subtle and elegant look. Day cravat will surprise everyone by your refined fashion choice and your impeccable style.

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3. ruche cravat

Ruche cravat is a pre tied cravat that has adjustable neck band. It is ideal for both formal and casual occasions. It is mainly made of satin or silk fabric that gives you a stylish and elegant look along with softness and comfort. Ruche cravat adds up style and class to your outfit for any occasion you wear it. Ruche cravat offers a range of colors and designs that’s a bonus to your styling that helps you to stand out in crowd. It is a type of neck wear that is unique and elegant and that’s the reason why it is so popular within people that mainly all men have ruche cravat in their wardrobe. If you still have not invested in it its high time to try a ruche cravat now, I am sure you will love the experience wearing it.


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