6 Classy Bow Ties To Compliment Your Formals

classic bow ties

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Bow ties are a type of traditional necktie. It is consists of a fabric which is tied around the collar of the shirt in a symmetric form creating a loop at the two opposite ends. There three types of bow ties; the pre-tied, the clip on, and the self-tie.  Self-tie bow ties are also known as traditional bow ties or tie-it-yourself or freestyle bow tie. Bow ties can be made from any fabric but they are generally made from silk, cotton, velvet, wool.

6 must have Bow Ties you should be knowing

western bow ties

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1. Classic Bow Tie

Classic bow tie is type of bow specially designed to give you a classy and elegant look. Classic bow tie adds class to your look and style, which makes you shine in any occasion you wear it. This type of bow tie is not like regular bow ties meant to give you regular look to wear on formal or causal affairs but for any event in which you get a unique, elegant and classy look within minutes. Classic bow ties show the pride for your heritage, with its unique patterns and textures that surely makes you noticed. The color variety makes people look at you as it stills all the lime light form others to your bow tie! Classic bow tie goes very well with any ensemble, as it is a perfect tie for every man. One should surely opt for a classic bow tie if wishes to shine out and get impressive look and style.

2. Western Bow Tie

Western bow tie is a type of bow tie specially designed for men who love styling, love to look suave, love to have polished look and have a sense humor. Mainly each western bow tie measures approximately 4 inch in length and 2 inch in width also having adjustable neck band for different neck sizes. This tie is easy to adjust and also easy to wear giving you an elegant and stylish look. Little things and details is a secret to better dressing and styling, one of that details is the western bow tie. It goes well with your formal attire for any of formal occasion like weddings and proms. Western bow tie has good quality and amazing design that helps you gain your preferred look. Go for it if you want to wear a unique and different bow tie to create your style statement.

3. Hex Bow Tie

Hex bow tie is a type of bow type that is extremely unique and fashionable. Hex bow tie is basically a bow tie patterned and designed by combining the shape of a hexagon. Hex bow is truly an outstanding piece of art that is wearable, unique and bold. Wear this tie with a casual plain shirt, jacket or a suit you will thus create your own out spoken look. Hex bow tie comes with adjustable neck system that is suitable for all neck size. It redefines what the bow tie look should be and sets a new trend as it is inspired by the new world’s architecture and culture. Wearing a hex bow tie not only gives you a stylish and elegant look but also gives you electric and daring style. One should surely opt for it if interested in leaving people talk about your bow tie!

4. Self - Tie bow tie

The classic bow tie is known as self-tied bow tie. It is also known as freestyle bow tie. Self- tied bow tie means it comes untied and you have to tie. The self -tied bow tie shows charm and quirkiness which can never be matched by a pre-tied bow tie.

5. Pre - Tied bow tie

A pre-tied bow tie is a bow tie in which the bow is sewed on a band that goes under the collar and it has a clip to secure the bow tie. It takes very less time to tie a pre-tied bow tie than a self-tie bow tie. It makes the person wearing this bow tie very uptight and predictable.

6. Clip On bow tie

Clip on ties are those which are permanently tied. They do not go around the neck; instead they are attached to the collar by a clip. Clip on ties takes less time than the pre-tied bow tie. Clips on ties are for those on either do not know how to tie a bow tie or do not feel comfortable in tying one.


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