4 Ties To Rock The Formal Looks

sexiest hex ties

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Tie is narrow length fabric worn under the collar of the shirt. They are also known as necktie. There is no particular length but they are generally long in size i.e. minimum waist length. Men and boys wear necktie was their daily office wear where some wear on special occasions. They are also worn as a part of uniform for some like in military.

classy hex ties

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4 Must Have TIES for Every Man

1. Hex Tie

Hex tie is combination of old fashioned elegance and eclectic design. They are by Enrique Alejandro Peral. They are made up of light weight matte polymers with recurring hexagon. Men used to find wearing tie difficult especially figuring out how to tie a proper knot. Hex tie was made to put an end to this old fashioned boring tie with a highly fashionable tie. It is worn as a style statement.

2. Four In Hand Necktie

Four in hand is a type of a knot for the necktie. It is very simple knot, it’s also known as schoolboy knot because of its simplicity. It is most popular and widely used necktie because it adds elegance and class to the person wearing a four in hand necktie. Four in hand necktie were found in the old Chinese age and roman era.

3. The Seven Fold Tie

The seven fold tie is how the tie is made. It is not sewed but a single piece of fabric is folded seven times. A seven fold tie and four fold on one side and three fold on the other side, overlapping. It will have no lining but it will thicker than a normal tie as it has seven folds.

4. Skinny Necktie

As the name suggests, the skinny tie is the type of tie that is skinny or thinner in width with minimum width of 1.5 inch to maximum 2.5 inch. It is basically a formal tie that can be worn on formal occasions like office, weddings, and performances also sometimes can be worn for casual look if styled properly for daily or casual affairs. Because it is skinny it gives excellent knots for best look you are looking for. Skinny tie are very stylish, fashionable and most popular in the younger generation. It is perfect for those who appreciate something different and who are minimalist trend setters. Skinny tie is available in various colors that helps t emphases your taste of style and fashion. It is a very good option for all those who like simplicity with styling and look best effortlessly. One should surely opt for skinny tie and experience a change from the regular ties.



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