6 Classiest Suspenders For Men To Rock The Formals

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Suspenders are elastic strap worn by men to help them hold their pants/ trousers in place. They were usually worn by white collar or upper or upper middle class people. There are mainly two types of suspenders X suspenders and Y suspenders. The X suspenders form an x at the back whereas the Y suspenders form a y at the back.

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6 Must Have Suspenders for Every Man

1. Business Dress Button Suspenders

These types of suspenders have a button attached at the end. They as a formal wear over a dress shirt. Button suspenders are only worn with trousers which have button flaps to attach the suspenders to the trousers. They ideal type as they do not create any wrinkles on the shirt.

2. Business Casual Clip Suspenders

These suspenders have a mental clip attached at the end the suspender which holds the trouser in place. They are not as classy as button suspenders but they are realistic are it can be worn with pant who do not have button flaps.

3. Work Suspenders

They are high duty, durable suspender for daily usage. They for worn at everyday work as it is comfortable. They generally have a width of 1.5’ – 2’. They can be worn with jeans or pants.

4. Tuxedo Suspenders

These suspenders are worn with tuxedo as a style statement. As tuxedo are considered as very stylish and classy. They are formal wear which has a ‘Y’ shape at the back.

5. Novelty Suspenders

These suspenders come in very different prints on it. They are worn as fashion statement. The prints include animal prints, floral prints, and flags. There are themed prints like Halloween, Christmas etc.  These look very simple and yet they are very stylish.

6. perry suspenders

These suspenders were introduced because button and clip on suspenders were having lots of problems, such as buttons will fly off, clips will break etc. Perry suspenders were made as a solution to these problems. They are made up of high quality and durable materials which lasts a long period of time. They have Perry hooks instead of clips and buttons which make them hassle free as they are easily removable even with the shirt on.


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