5 Socks To Make Your Feet Look Good, Feel Good.

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Socks are very interesting piece of clothing worn over the feet. They are available in many styles, sizes and patterns. Typically both the socks should be matching, but recently there was a new trend of wearing mismatch socks. Socks should be in a proper form. Men should avoid wearing socks with holes in them especially with formal outfits. The colour of your sock should match or at least complement the colors of your trousers.

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6 Must Have Socks for Every Man

1. ankle length socks

Ankle length socks are also known as low socks or no show socks. Ankle length socks are perfect for low cut shoes. They are a must have socks in every man’s socks collections. They prevent you from having blister and wicks the sweat away.

2. quater length socks

Quarter length socks usually cover the ankle bone completely, they are not more than 3-5” long. They are perfect for those who have heel blisters. They can be worn by both men and women.

3. crew length socks

Crew length socks are about 6 to 8 inches long from heel. They look really good when paired with sneaker and fancy shoes. Crew length socks are best worn in cooler weather.

5. Calf Length socks

Calf length sock as the name says go up to the length of your calf, but they are shorter than your knee. It gives for more of a causal look. They generally worn men but women may also wear them.

6. knee length socks

Although knee length socks are more popular with women, they are also worn by men in some occasions. They act as a layer of protection during the winters.


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