3 Scarfs To Elevate Your Style

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Scarfs are a type of neck wear. They serve different purpose for different people, some wear it for fashion, while other wear it for protection from sun during the summer and from cold wind in the winter, it also has religious purpose for some. They come in many materials like wool for winters, tin fabric for summers, whereas silk scarfs are worn a part of uniforms for some men.

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top 3 scarf types you should be knowing

1. knit scarf

Knit are usually worn in winter season. They are made out of materials which can keep you warm in the cold winds of winter i.e. wool. Wool is a textile fabric and a unique mix of good insulation and light weight nature. They are worn around the neck. A knit scarf gives men a laid back, causal look which is perfect for hanging out with friends.

2. cotton scarfs

These scarfs are made from cotton materials; they are light weight and soft on skin. Cotton scarfs are a great addition to men’s wardrobe. They are very stylish and wear well if almost everything in your closet.

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3. silk scarfs

Silk is an elegant fabric. It is oldest fabric known to men. Silk scarfs are known as scarf. They go well with tuxedo or tailcoat. Unlike other scarfs they are wrapped over the back of the neck or over the shoulders. The length of the scarf determines how men are goes to wear it, so first men have to decide how to wear it before buying silk scarf.


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