Basic Cashmere Suit And Overcoat Styling Guide For Men

Cashmere Suit and Overcoat Basics for Men

Cashmere Suit and Overcoat Basics for Men

Cashmere is perfect for the winter. When the weather turns chilly, push your linen back into the wardrobe and bring out your cashmere suit or sweater. The fabric will keep you warm and give that comfortable buttery feel. Winter suiting doesn’t have to be boring – you can still look sharp in your suit. You can be creative or traditional in the suit design

Cashmere’s Story

Cashmere wool is obtained from goats that are raised mostly in Tibet, Mongolia, and the Kashmir valley. The supply is limited, which makes the wool costlier and in high-demand. The downy undercoat hair needs to be softer and the fibers have to be in certain color, luster, and length. The fabric is considered better is the fiber is longer. Top quality cashmere wool has an exceptional silky texture, and looks and feels much better than ordinary wool.

Always make sure the cashmere wool suit fabric you choose is of top quality. But choosing the best cashmere can be a challenge for many people. That’s because, you have to access many things, like the texture, fabric, blend, and weight. Always look at the label to make sure that the fabric is 100% cashmere. In other words, no inferior quality wool must be blended into it. If you see an oily texture, then these are remnants of chemicals and dyes used to make the fabric soft artificially.

Top Ways of Wearing Cashmere for the Winter

Grey Overcoat –

This 100% cashmere overcoat will add relaxed elegance to your outerwear. Its heat-trapping fibers will make you feel warm and comfortable. Plus, you will also add visual contrast to the way you look. You won’t be able to keep your hands off this soft overcoat.

The Classic Look

This grey cashmere slim-fit suit is a true classic. You can wear this with a sky blue shirt or a shirt in another light color. This will be the perfect office wear for the winter.

Cashmere Cardigan

Here is another perfect winter wear for work! You can wear this cardigan too if you are not feeling like donning that suit. Of course, you will also be able to sport a different look. This cardigan is made of 100% soft and elegant cashmere.

Cashmere Tailored Blazer

This is the perfect blazer you can wear to a dinner party. It is soft, comfortable, trendy, and the right choice for the occasion. Get a distinct heritage feel when you wear this cashmere blazer.

Winter Suit Colors That Make You Stand Out

The most popular suit colors are navy, black, gray, and charcoal. However, there are many other options too that will make you look a bit different, and yet sophisticated and elegant. Have fun with colors – you can choose another shade if you like.


Try this trendy color for your suit. A deep shade of burgundy, the oxblood suit is sure to draw attention towards you. Make a statement with this bold color.

Hunter Green

This is another splendid option. Its dark green look is a classic alternative to traditional neutral tones. It still shows off a reserved look.


Add this color to your arsenal this winter. You will find this color neutral, and yet modern.


A deep color suit like this one will always give you an edge. This too is a bold color, like oxblood. Wear it with bride and stand out from the crowd.


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