10 Addictive Perfumes For Men To Have On Them

Perfume is mainly a blend of essential oil, fixatives, solvents and aroma compounds which gives amazing fragrance. They are now a character reflector as perfumes build your personality. It directly affects your self-esteem and confidence because when you smell good you feel better and build positive attitude. Perfumes are better than deodorants as they last longer than deodorants which fade away after couple of hours. It smells amazing which keeps you pleasant and fresh all day. It is majorly suitable for skin types as it does not lead to irritation, itchiness or burning sensation after applying it. Markets and stores are full with variety of perfumes differing from brand to brand, all you need to do is select a good brands perfume that you can wear and deliver your personality.

top 10 perfumes you should be knowing

1. Cool Water perfume

2. Chrome Legend perfume

3. Hugo Dark Blue perfume

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4. Guess perfume

5. Bvlgari Pour Homme Soir perfume

6. Nautica Classic perfume

7. Jaguar Classic Black perfume

8. Yacht Man Blue perfume

9. Paco Rabanne 1 Million perfume

10. Truth Clavin Klein perfume


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