12 Best Hats For Men To Flaunt

12 Best Hats For Men To Flaunt in 2018
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Hats are a type of headgear worn for different reasons by different people. Some wear for fashion while others wear as protection from sunlight or cold winds. It comes to your rescue when you are having a bad hair day. Formerly hats used to indicate a person’s social status, while in military hats denote the rank of the person.

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12 Must Have hats for Every Man

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1. Fedora Hat

Fedora is a type of hats which has a soft brim and creased crown. Fedora was first introduced in 1891. It looks similar to homburg. They are made out of rabbits or beavers felt, wool and cashmere. They are also made from leather, straw and cotton. Feathers can also be added for decorative purposes.

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2. Trilby Hat

Trilby hats have a sharper crown and a narrow brim unlike fedora which has a wider brim. Trilby hats are cheap because less and poor quality materials are used to make this hats. This hat got it from the screen adaptation on novel trilby. This hat was worn during the play in London, and trilby hat got its name.

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3. Homburg Hat

Homburg hats were found in Bad Homburg, Germany. It was then popularized by Winston Churchill in the United Kingdom. The original homburg hat was a little more generous in size than the modern Homburg hats.

4. Cowboy Hat

Cowboy hats have a high crown and a wider brim, usually worn by North American cowboys. This hat acts as a great protector during summer. The wide brim helps to block the sunlight from directly coming into contact with eyes. The high crown helps to keep the head cool.

5. Derby Hat

Bowler hats are also known as Derby hats. They are stiff hats with round dome like crown with no crease or pinching, it also have short brim which are curled up at the end. During the 19th century bowler hats were popular amongst the working class of British, Irish and American countries and later on United Kingdom, Ireland and Eastern America.

6. Panama Hat

Panama hats are light-colored, finely knitted hats made from the straw of the toquilla palm tree of the South America. Although the name suggests that this hat is originated from panama, but panama hats were primarily made in Ecuador.

7. Porkpie Hat

Pork pie hats are shorter in size as compared to other hats. They look really good on tall men. They have a flat top with no creases or pinching in the center. Like a fedora, it is pinched from the side giving the hat a triangular shape. The brim of pork pie hat is usually small and the edges are turned up.


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8. Top Hat

Top hats are in short known as toppers. These are tall, with flat crown with broader brim, they worn by men from the late 18th century. By the end of the World War II this hat become rare with regular dress. During the 21st century top hat was worn only in some social events in the United Kingdoms.

9. Stockman Hat

Stockman hats are popular in Australia. They are Akubra’s of the most popular hats and it is similar in shape to the snowy river except it has an average size brim. This hat is used for protection from heat and rain.

10. Sailor Hat

Sailor hat are flat visor less, round hat worn my sailor in many different navies. The black ribbon tied at the bottom of the hat is known as tally, it has the name of a ship or a navy on it. In many navies, such as Germany, tally is tied at the rear of the cap and the two end straps are hanging over the shoulder as a decoration.

11. Boater Hat

Boater hats is known as a can-can hat in japan, are worn by men. They are a type of summer hat. Boater hat has a flat top and a wide brim. They are a great substitute for a homburg or a fedora in summers. Boater is a formal hat. It is worn in a similar condition as a homburg or with a regular suit.

12. Boonie hat

The United States Armed Forces introduced Boonie hats during the Vietnam War. In 1967 US army issued Boonie hats as a replacement for patrol caps and baseball caps which were in service since World War II.

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12 Hats For Men To Flaunt
Best Hats For Men To Flaunt
12 Best Hats For Men
12 Best Hats For Men To Flaunt