Top 3 Best Handkerchief for Men

Handkerchief is a squared shaped thin piece of fabric used for cleaning nose, hand or drying eyes when it gets wet. Handkerchiefs are carried by men in their pocket and women in their handbags. Besides their regular use for hygiene, handkerchiefs can also be used for cleaning equipment’s, for protection from dust, as a sweat band.

3 must have Handkerchiefs for every men

1. checkered handkerchief

Checkered handkerchief are those which have small square or checks printed on it. They are usually carried by men for office used as it gives a formal look. They come in different color, size and patterns.

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2. printed handkerchief

Printed handkerchiefs have different types of pattern, designs printed on it. These handkerchiefs are for informal events like family functions, dates.

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3. embroidered handkerchief

Embroidered handkerchiefs are the one which have design or patterns embroidered on it. They are fore informal occasions but can also be used for formal events, like handkerchief with your name on it can be used in formal/office events. These types of handkerchiefs are great gift items.


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