Compliment Your Suits With These 3 Lapel Pins

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Lapel pin is a pin attached on the lapel of a jacket. Lapel is a part on each side of the jacket just below the collar; it is folded backwards from the opening of the jacket. Even before lapel pins were popular Boutonnières were worn. Lapel pins are used to as symbol of being part of different organisations and as an achievement. Lapel pins are used in businesses to as a symbol of accomplishment for the employees. They are also used a style statement.

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3 Must Have Lapel Pins /Flowers for Every Man

1. Precious Stone Pins

Precious stone pins are a type of lapel pins that is specially designed with stones and diamonds on the pin that make it precious. It is an accessory that adds a unique touch to your look without any extra effort on any occasion. It stays secured at the lapel as it has a strong stainless steel closure. A precious stone pin is the best accessory for the suits as it gives you a classy, elegant and stylish look that a man really wants. It can be an amazing gift for a man as it is a sign of pride and class made skillfully and finely polished mainly with rhodium. It is best option for dress wear as it fits in any occasion. A precious stone pin is mainly suitable for weddings, parties, fashion shows, prom and so on. One should invest at least once in precious stone pins as it is durable and also a style statement.

2. Lapel Flower

Lapel flower is worn on the left lapel of the jacket. Now-a-days lapel flowers aren’t just for wedding and proms anymore, men do not need a special event to wear this. Generally jackets have a button hole or a stitched button hole for the lapel pin. Men can wear this in a formal or an informal event.

3. Lapel Feather

Lapel feather is an accessory for men. It a brooch that has a feather attached to it. Lapel feather are either metal shaped feather or handmade from natural feathers. It adds elegancy and style to men’s fashion.



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