6 Simple Yet Stylish Caps

6 Simple Yet Stylish Caps For Men
Simple Yet Stylish Caps

Caps are a type of headgear. They have two parts, the curved part or crown which covers and protects the head and the visor which protects the eyes from sunlight. They are available in different colors, size and shapes. Caps aren’t restricted to a particular generation; they can be worn by boys/men of any age group. Though caps are worn for protection, they are also worn for style or even when you are having a bad hair day.

6 Stylish Caps

6 Must Have Caps for Every Man

6 Simple Yet Stylish Caps

1. Baseball Cap

Baseball caps are typically worn by men/players during a baseball match. These caps are a type of soft caps; they have a very round crown and a stiff and peaked front to eye protection. Since they are baseball caps the front of the cap has the design or logo of a particular team. The back of the cap have Velcro or elastic for fitting the head of the wearer.

2. Ascot Cap

Ascot caps are also known as cuffley caps, they are similar to flat caps but the only difference is its hardness and the round shape. These caps are single colored which matches with the color of the casual clothes.

3. Cricket Cap

Cricket caps are a type of soft caps, usually made from felt. It’s a traditional headgear worn by the players of the cricket game, despite of their age or gender. Sometimes instead of a tight-fitting cap, cricket cap comes in a baggy variety; the elastic keeps the cap in place.

4. swim caps

Swims caps are tight-fitted caps worn while swimming, they are made usually made from Lycra or silicone. Swim caps are worn while swimming to protect the hair from getting wet, or keeping the filters from getting clogged from loose hair falling from the swimmers head.

5. Patrol Cap

Patrol caps or field caps have a soft kepi, rounded visor and a flat top. Patrol caps are similar to baseball caps, worn by military personnel so some countries in the combat flied if they are not wearing the combat helmet.

6. flat cap

Flat caps are also known as Gatsby cap, in regional areas: in, in Wales as Dai cap, and in New Zealand as cheese-cutter, Scotland as bunnet. These caps are made from cloth, wool, and tweed. For warmth and comfort the inner part of cap is lined.

6 Simple Yet Stylish caps..


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Simple Yet Stylish Caps
Simple Stylish Caps
6 Stylish Caps
6 Simple Yet Stylish Caps