3 Beard Balm For The Sexy Bearded Men Out There

Beard balm is beard styling product made up by sealants like petroleum jelly, Shea butter, beeswax or lanolin. Beard balm is used to hold the beard style and give beard a thick look. It moisturizes the beard reduces dryness, roughness and itchiness. Beard balm is easy to use while styling and shaping the beard. It also helps in controlling brittle beards and breakage by argon oil and jojoba oil present in it. It can also be used as beard conditioner to maintain moisture and avoid dryness. Beard balm is best for those who want their beard in shape and look thick and strong.

3 Must have Beard Balm for every Man

1. Unscented Beard Balm

Unscented beard balm contains no external fragrance or scents other than the sealants present. It have mild aroma of the sealants itself which keeps the balm natural and organic. It shapes, holds and gives beard great look for as per your preference and choice. It is best for those men who don’t prefer fragrance and scents in beard balm.

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2. Beard Growth Balm

Beard growth balm along with styling and shaping your beard strengthens it. Strong and healthy beard lower down the breakage and damage which results in thick and well grown beard. Beard growth balm moisturizes the dead skin cells which then actively help in beard growth. It is best for those who prefer thick beard and also with scanty beard.

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3. Scented Beard Balm

Scented beard balm contains fragrance and scents other than the sealants present which enhances the beard balm. Fragrance and scent keeps you fresh and hydrated. Scented beard balm styles your beard, gives it shape, holds it firm and smells good at the same time. It is best for those men who prefer good fragrance and scents.


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