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Best Perfumes for Men – Winter Edition

Find your ideal scent for winter with us

Winters are around and so is the time to change the wardrobe from autumn to winter. While everyone switches their wardrobe into winter wear some of you guys also do prefer changing fragrances and some may have their fixed perfumes for winter like a winter collection.

There are no such perfumes for Men specifically crafted for winter but generally in winters strong fragrance scents are much preferable whereas lighter fragrance scents are for summers.

Ok so here are some suggestions if you have googled Perfumes for Men to use in winter and have landed up here

Tom Ford Noir Extreme Parfum

Scent – Warm Spicy, Ambery, Sweet
Fragrance –  Parfum

Dolce & Gabbana The One Intense 

Scent – Spicy Leather
Fragrance – Eau De Parfum.

Montale Intense Cafe

Scent – Floral Oriental
Fragrance – Eau De Parfum.

Versace Dylan Blue

Scent – Aromatic Fougère
Fragrance – Eau De Toilette.

Burberry’s Classic Men’s Fragrance

Scent – Woody Aromatic
Fragrance – Eau De Toilette.

DATE for Men

Scent – Warm and Spicy
Fragrance – Eau De Parfum.

Byredo Vanille Antique 50ml

Scent – Vanilla
Fragrance – Eau De Parfum.

Armani Code by Giorgio Armani

Scent – Floral Oriental
Fragrance – Eau De Parfum.