Effective DIY Light Therapy Devices

Effective diy light therapy devices can be budget friendly but also possess threat if not ensured safety as explained through this article.

Light therapies have become more and more popular over the years as they show promising results without possessing any risk to the body.. However, these devices can be self-made with proper knowledge. 

When diy-ing such projects, proper maintenance of the device may be difficult at times. In order for these devices to be effective, you need to be aware of the science, safety, and the regulations behind it as you may experience both positive and negative experiences upon taking up such projects. 

So, if you want to know how to make effective diy light therapy devices then this article is for you. Here you will find all the ins and outs of making this device yourself. 

Possible Effective DIY Light Therapy Devices for You 

The benefits of light therapy have been proven to be highly effective and promising without any side effects. These devices are quite intricate and rather expensive. However, if you have the knowledge behind the science and functionality of it, it is possible for you to diy a light therapy device yourself. 

Hence, these projects can come with both positive and negative effects at times. Some of which are mentioned down below –  


Light therapy devices are the safest forms of treatment for a number of different reasons. However, these devices tend to come at quite the hefty price tag. Which is why, if you are able to dye a light therapy device with proper and precise knowledge on its functionality, you can reap certain benefits that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to elsewhere, such as salons. 

Some possible pros that you could come across when diy-ing your own light therapy are as follows – 

Cost Efficient 

DIY projects are known to be quite a fun-filled activity to do with help from others. It is a nice way to occupy your time and save some money in the process of it. When considering the price of actual LED therapy devices and the expense for it at salons, it can be quite a shock to absorb. As a result, diy-ing your own light therapy device at home can be a cost efficient way to achieve similar benefits as you would at a salon or from a professional device. It is not necessary to have to spend too much money on professional grade light therapy devices if you are aware of the science behind it. 

While you may need to splurge some amount of money on the actual light itself. However, it is going to be much cheaper compared to the professional grade devices if you can figure out a way for the framework of the light. 

Accessible At Any Time 

The perks of being able to dye a light therapy device is that you can easily access it whenever you want, however you want. It is likely for light therapy devices at salons to remain occupied at times. This may cause you to rush your process that may lead to ineffective results as the light emission hasn’t probably had enough time to penetrate through multiple layers of skin to promote healing. This is why, having a diy light therapy device at home grants you access to it at any time for however long needed. 

Since the body is most active at night, getting a quick light therapy session right before bedtime can be of great help as well. This is a perk of having your own accessible diy light therapy device that you won’t get at salons. Thus, ensuring better effect with promising results. 

Easily Adjustable Wavelength And Frequency As Needed 

At times, you may need higher wavelength compared to other days depending on the condition of your skin and its needs. This means, you may need to adjust the wavelength and frequency of the lights depending on your requirements which may vary every now and then. Having a diy light therapy device that you know how to operate and work will grant you the flexibility of adjusting everything as per your need. This flexibility will also allow your diy therapy device to serve its purpose to other people as well as per their needs. 

Diy light therapy devices will allow you to adjust the wavelength and frequency depending on where you want the light to be aimed at and for how long. This is a nice way to ensure you get all the benefits of light therapy that is catered specifically for your needs. 

Adjustable Direction As Per Your Needs 

With light therapy devices, you will have to adjust its direction based on your needs and where you want to aim the light emission at. If the light is not properly aimed at the direction needed, you may not benefit from the therapy as expected or needed to. The surface area you want the light to be aimed at would require you to position the device at different positions which can be quite challenging at salons. 

If you want to aim the light on your face, the device would need to be placed much closer to your face as the surface is not that large. However, if you want the light emitted on your legs, arms, or stomach, you will need to place the device much further and then adjust the direction as needed. All of which can be quite easily achievable from the comfort of your own home. 


While there are no proven negative or side effects of light therapy, it is possible to come across certain bad experiences if you are trying to dye a light therapy device. Since it is an electrical device that flows current through it, it most certainly can possess the risk of being an electrical hazard. 

Down below are mentioned of some other cons you may experience when you diy light therapy devices – 

Potential To Be Ineffective And Impenetrable As Much 

When DIY-ing a light therapy, you must have the proper knowledge on exactly which lights to get. Purchasing lights that are not as effective could leave you with no results at all. Light therapy sessions require you to work with precise wavelength, frequency, and for duration. If you fail to match the lights as needed, no matter how long you use them, it is likely for the light to never even penetrate through the first layer of the skin, let alone show results. 

In order to notice any evident changes from the exposure to light therapy, the light needs to penetrate through to the skin and promote healing. If the light is not at the required brightness, frequency, or wavelength, you may not notice any signs of change at all. Even if there is some change, it is possible for it to be temporary and be rather vague. 

Potential To Cause Surface Burns  

On the other hand, if you get lights that are too powerful, they can pose a threat to the skin and cause surface burns. The brightness, wavelength, and frequency on the lights used for light therapy purposes are very precise and specific. This means, if you get too powerful of lights to hopefully speed up your healing process, you are only putting yourself in danger. Exposure to lights that are too powerful can cause the uppermost layer of your skin to get damaged or even burnt before it is able to penetrate through the skin. 

These burns can also occur if you are exposed to the lights for too long without proper knowledge on the light specifications. Therefore, instead of promoting any form of healing and recovery, too powerful lights can cause serious damage to skin that is not immediately noticeable. 

Electrical Hazard 

Any form of diy project that involves electrical connection is a very risky and unsafe project to work on without proper knowledge and experience. Especially since light therapy involves having to work with lights, wires, and electrical flow, curating the light therapy device yourself is a security and an electrical hazard. It is common for light bulbs to be incompatible with the voltage or wattage supplied and to either burst or catch on fire. Since light therapy is done with mere inches between the light and the skin, any form of electrical hazard can prove to be incredibly dangerous and even fatal at times. 

In order to diy the device yourself, having precise knowledge and experience about electrical flow, light and wire compatibility, voltage and wattage are extremely crucial. Such electrical hazardous projects must be performed with professional supervision for safety purposes. 

Bottom Line 

Light therapy is a great way to treat a number of different issues you may be facing. However, scheduling an appointment amidst your schedule can be quite difficult at times. You have the option of purchasing at-home light therapy devices that will allow you to use it at any time. However, these devices come at quite the hefty price tag. Therefore, if you know about the science and functionality behind these devices, it is possible to dye at home and reap a number of benefits that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to at salons. 

In order to make effective diy light therapy devices, maintaining proper safety features is a must. If not, it could possess a major threat that could even be fatal at times.