Why CBD Oil Tinctures Are a Thing

It has not nearly happened that something causes as much interest (and confusion) as cannabidiol. The healing properties of hemp have been known since ancient times. But only modern science has managed to explain what is so ‘magical’ about this plant.

CBD is a derivative of this plant, which, in addition to THC, is the best known and most used as a remedy for many health conditions. It has no hallucinogenic effects, making this compound entirely safe for everyday use in people of legal age. As seen on, it’s still not a conventional treatment but a supplement.

Manufacturers of hemp-based products competing for a place in the market offer cannabidiol in various product forms. CBD oils broke the ice, and then the offer expanded significantly. There are edibles, topical products, CBD cosmetics, concentrates, and even a pet product line.

What Are CBD Tinctures?

Experienced users know that CBD oils and tinctures don’t have much in common except the liquid form and the presence of cannabidiol. The base of CBD oil is, as its name suggests, oil. It can be olive, MCT, or hemp seed oil. On the other hand, tincture has an alcohol base (or vinegar or glycerin, depending on the brand).

The share of cannabidiol in the tincture is lower than the oil, but its bioavailability is higher. The reason for this is the presence of ethyl or isopropyl alcohol. These compounds serve as preservatives, which improves the longevity and potency of cannabidiol.

Even after the expiration date, the taste of this product does not change much. But its molecular structure does a bit due to the influence of outside elements (air, heat, light). That causes the healing properties of CBD to vanish. Tips on keeping this product to extend its shelf life, find here.

Many commercial tinctures have the same basic composition as CBD oils. Tinctures include some additives that enhance the nutritional value of this product. These can be other cannabinoids (but no THC), terpenes, flavorings, and many others. The process of obtaining cannabidiol isolates also differs.

Popularity of CBD Tincture

The development of a wide range of hemp goods occurred when scientists discovered that people could take cannabidiol in many ways. Each of these products is different in terms of potency and time of action. Although they contain a smaller share of the active ingredient than CBD oil, tinctures have an immediate effect precisely because of the alcohol base.

Ease of use is another advantage of this product that users point out. The easiest and fastest method of administration is under the tongue. Squeeze out the dropper (recommended dose) and wait about a minute before swallowing the tincture. Due to the dense network of small veins and capillaries in the mucous membrane of the mouth, the active substance very quickly enters the bloodstream and begins to act.

Besides swallowing the tincture, you can also ingest it through food or simply dissolve in water, coffee, or herbal tea if you are not a fan of a bitter taste. Because of the oily and grassy taste CBD oils, some users prefer tinctures. Manufacturers add various flavors to these products, such as chocolate, orange, vanilla, etc. These make swallowing of the sour tincture much more pleasant.

Medicinal Properties of CBD

Regardless of the differences, both oils and tinctures based on cannabidiol have the same therapeutic properties. The list is quite long and not final. The main benefits are relief from arthritis, chronic pain, inflammation, osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, skin diseases, anxiety, and schizophrenia. This compound also acts to raise immunity by keeping inflammations under control (which is one of the functions of the ECS).

Regular use of CBD in prescribed doses improves appetite and reduces nausea. It also affects better serotonin utilization but without making a person high. For example, in cancer patients, these features significantly reduce the side effects of chemotherapy.

Companies are investing large funds in researches in the field of hemp use. Scientists learn about the healing properties of cannabidiol every day. With each discovery, a new product based on this compound comes up. CBD tinctures are easy to administer and come in handy and discreet packaging that you can carry everywhere with you.