Returning To Work After Lockdown- What You Need To Keep In Mind!

Here are some tips to adapt to the “new normal”

The global pandemic has turned everybody’s world upside down. Our life is different now and a lot has changed.The lockdown period was difficult for everyone. Organizations and industries had to shut down so employees had to work from home, many also lost their jobs too. Schools and universities were closed and online teaching was the only way to educate the students. The worst was that people were confined to homes and were asked to leave the house only when necessary.

However,now things are better and slowly everything is getting back to normal. This transition period is not going to be easy.Travelling in public transport,going to work,being in crowded areas,eating in restaurants and all of it is not going to be the same. We’ll need time to adapt to this new situation and we’ll have to be more cautious now.

Organizations and industries have started operating now and want to create a safer work environment for its employees and customers. All the necessary actions are being taken by most of them from sanitizing to maintaining social distance to cleaning and maintaining a hygienic work space for all. Despite all of it, here are certain things that you need to take care of on an individual level.

Here’s what you should do to be safe once you get back to work…

  • Keep your sanitizer handy. Sanitize your hands or wash it with soap regularly.
  • Maintain social distance especially while travelling and even in office.
  • Wear your mask.Do not leave your house without a mask!

Things to keep in mind once you reach your office-

  • Your desk and chair should be free of dust and dirt. If the dust accumulates there will be high chances of it holding bacteria or virus. So make sure they are regularly cleaned and sanitized.
  • Avoid having meetings that will gather too many people.If important¬† maintain distance and wear a mask while having one.¬† Opt for virtual meetings instead!
  • If your organization permits, then have rotational shifts. This will not only get the work done but also make the work space less crowded.
  • Eat home cooked food and avoid eating outside food. In case you do, then make sure the food is healthy and made in a clean and hygienic environment. Also drink more of hot water than cold.
  • While meeting someone avoid handshakes and greet from distance.
  • Do not form unnecessary groups.During your break meet or talk to people from a distance.

Also another very important point to remember! Do not to take your health lightly and visit a doctor as soon as you experience any symptoms.If you end up being careless at any such point you’ll end up in a problem, not alone but with others too. Make your health a priority and eat only healthy and hygienic food.

So these were a few points that we feel are necessary for a safe working environment.These little measures will surely help you to adapt to the “new normal!

This phase is not going to be easy but with proper care and safety we’ll surely get through this.So lets hope for the best and do whatever we can to end it!

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