What are custom postal boxes?

Custom postal boxes can eventually transform an eCommerce experience from feeling casual to feeling like an experience people should bespoke about. Would you praise your package if it was wrapped in a simple air bubble pack inside a plain brown pack? Or would you rather prefer a perfectly packed, lovely, and colorful pack with absolutely eye-catching concepts and a handwritten note to go along with it?

Custom Postal boxes are almost a necessary requirement these days, especially with the rise of online shopping and e-commerce.

Premium packaging is one way to boost loyalty, quality, marketing, and especially sales and one way to achieve all of them is by simply using custom postal boxes.

What are custom boxes?

Custom boxes are shipping boxes or packaging boxes with customized dimensions, designs, shapes, and printing. This step helps to make such a product stand out from the crowd, while subtly helping the market and promoting it.

Why go for a Custom postal box?

There are a million and one reasons why custom packaging is beneficial to you and your business respectively. 

Asides from clearly distinguishing you from your competitors, these are some other reasons to subscribe to using custom boxes:

  • Visibility, recognition, and differentiation:

Talking, upon primary contact and without any prior information, the first difference a buyer notices when two products are placed side by side is the packaging of the brand. And surely, as a business, you need all the positive and extraordinary attention you can get. 

Custom boxes also provide you the option of printing your sign, slogan, logo, and any other thing that identifies with your business. That alone promotes your brand, gives it more visibility, and helps it to be easily recognized. 

These days packaging isn’t only for functionality; it’s also about making your actual customers’ purchase experience memorable. With custom boxes, you can stand out from a sea of other brown boxes- or brands, if you may.

  • Brand Identity:

First, you just need to understand that your brand identity is everything your packaging is about. Your brand and what it stands for lie in the can be seen as a representation of your product’s packaging. It speaks volumes about what you actually represent as a business. 

In Business 2 Community (commonly called B2C), the customer’s perception and feeling of your packaging are always transferred to the product. If your packaging is poor or not attractive, and drab, it also indirectly says the same for your brand.

  • Choice of material:

Custom postal boxes also offer you the option of selecting the kind of material that would be best for your product. Unlike ready-made boxes, there’s usually the option of choosing between Kraft and cardboard. 

Unlike plastics, these other options can be reused; they are easily recyclable, decompose with ease, and are totally eco-friendly.

  • Consumer’s Behavior:

When a brand reaches positively to consumers, they tend to associate with it; this, in turn, activates loyalty towards them and keeps them as ‘repeat customers.’ 

Design elements such as the color, fonts, and imagery used can evoke strong emotions and memories in the minds of the consumer. 

When this happens, such a product resonates and asks the customers not only mentally, but also emotionally. And usually, emotions sponsor behavior.

  • Flexible Design:

Another reason custom boxes are a definite “perfect” is that; you can always be flexible with your designs on them. This means it provides you with the option of alternating for patterns, shapes, design, themes, and colors on them.

Custom boxes allow you to wrap the products in boxes that reflect special seasons- such as Christmas, birthdays, or even valentines day. This add-on gives you a competitive edge over other sellers.