How To Travel Safely During The Coronavirus Outbreak

The coronavirus outbreak has had a negative impact on people’s life,economy and the world all together. Schools,universities and industries were shut down.Many countries restricted travel in order to lower the spread of coronavirus. But now slowly and steadily, things are getting better. Several offices have started operating now.People are moving in and around the city. Airports are opened and now one can move from one country to another too. However,travelling is not the same anymore and people have to be more cautious than ever. It is important to travel safely during the coronavirus pandemic to protect yourself and everyone around you!

Here are some tips to make your journey a safer one during this coronavirus pandemic…

  • Sanitize or Wash Your Hands Regularly

It is important to wash your hands with soap and water at regular intervals. If that is not possible use a hand sanitizer(with more than 60% alcohol). Wash your hands or sanitize if you sneeze or cough.Do not touch your face, especially your eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands.

  • Wear A Face Mask and Hand Gloves

You need to cover your nose and mouth with a face mask, especially when you cough or sneeze.It is also important to wear a face mask while talking to people because diseases like Covid-19 can spread through droplets of saliva or mucus.

Wearing hand gloves is not necessary but precaution is always better than cure. If you’re going to travel using a public transport than it is better to wear hand gloves. This is because you might end up touching something that’s infected! So wearing gloves will make sure that you do not come in direct contact with anything that’s infected.

Also do not forget to wash or replace your face mask and hand gloves at regular intervals.

  • Practicing Social Distancing During Coronavirus

Another way to travel safely during this coronavirus pandemic is by maintaining a good amount of distance from people.Now that you’re finally out travelling, you’ll meet and come across many people.If you’re taking a bus or boarding a flight, make sure you maintain physical distance during the whole journey. Opt for contactless payments wherever and whenever possible.

  • Wipe down your surroundings

Along with the hand sanitizer you also need to carry disinfectant wipes.Clean up your seat, the back of the front seat, the arm rests,the tray table,head rest, window blind etc. Avoid using it on soft surfaces, because that would leave the area wet and make more space for germs and bacteria to accumulate.

  • Opt for a Takeout Or Home Cooked Meal

Eating out might be safe but only if your taking the necessary precautions. Thus, it is better to opt for a takeout or bring your own home cooked meal while travelling. Restaurants are open now but you never really know about its hygiene practice.So it’s better to be safe and take things in your hand to avoid any further problems.

  • Stay Updated

For a better travel experience, it’s better to be updated of the current situation in your city and the destination place.You should plan and research well in advance. It’s important to make sure that your destination is safe for you to travel and all the required safety measures are being taken therein.

  • Have a Dedicated Travel Consultant

If you’re going for an international trip, we suggest you have a dedicated travel consultant.This way you’ll be able to plan your trip easily. And also make changes if at all something urgent or uninvited comes up!

  • Do Not Leave Your House If You Feel Sick

If you feel sick, stay home! It’s better to stay at home in a protected space than going out. What if something happens to you amidst the journey? This isn’t the right time to take your health lightly. Doing this won’t only create problems for you but for your fellow travelers and other people too. If you have fever, wait for a minimum of 24 hours until its completely gone and then step out!

Follow these tips and you’ll be able to travel safely even during the coronavirus pandemic. We can’t guarantee a 100% safety but we’re sure these precautions will do the needful.