Things To Do When Waiting To Hear Back After A Job Interview

Here are better things to do instead of just waiting and worrying about the interview!

Waiting has always been hard and even harder when waiting for a response after a job interview. But you must take this wait as a test of your patience and professionalism! This is not the right time to turn aggressive or be impatient.

Here’s what you should be doing when waiting to hear back after a job interview…

  • Follow up

It is important to remember that the hiring process can be time consuming.There were several other candidates who had been interviewed and selecting the right one isn’t an easy task.

So it’s better to ask during the job interview about how and when can you hear back from them.

If they said, they’ll contact you in a day or two,then wait until they call you.Do not contact the hiring manager repeatedly. You don’t want them to know that you are desperately waiting for a reply. So wait and follow up after a week.If there’s still no response, wait for a day or two or start looking elsewhere.   

  • Keep Looking

Don’t just stop and wait for one! This might be your “dream job” but it’s always a good idea to have a backup. So keep looking and continue your job search until you actually find “the one”

And don’t just look but also apply, if you get a call go give the interview! If you get a better opportunity just grab it.  

  • Notify your references

Never underestimate the power of references.Your references will play an important role in the hiring process.Their opinion of you,the good and bad will surely decide your future.So it’s better to notify your references and let them know how important this job is for you and how their recommendation will matter.

  • Don’t Bluff

If you gave multiple job interviews, there are chances of you getting multiple job offers. Well,in a rare scenario like this one,you can always let the hiring manager know about your situation.

But if that’s not the case and you bluff about a job offer that does not even exist, you’d definitely call for some trouble.The employer may tell you to go ahead and accept the offer. And they may even cross you off the list. And that way you’d be left with nothing. So Don’t Bluff!

  • Use This Time For Networking

This is a great time for networking.You should contact,meet or chat with anyone who can get you one step closer to success.Just in case, if you miss this one,these additional contacts can surely help you get something better.

  • Work On Yourself (Health)

Be busy and do not let your mind wander! You can use this “waiting time” to focus on your health.This will help to calm your mind.Do not overthink or over analyze your interview.You gave your best shot now it’s time to work on yourself instead.

  • Learn A New Skill

Distract your mind and do something other than waiting for a response.You can learn a new skill or a new language that will again help and add to your resume.This will surely get you more better opportunities in the present and future.

So these were a list of things that you should do instead of wasting your time in waiting and worrying.You should know what is worth waiting and what isn’t. As said a “week’s time” is acceptable but if there’s no response from them even after a week then you should move on. Life is full of opportunities, so don’t waste your time waiting for one. And do not forget to keep trying, you should remember that you’d get better every job interview and every new experience!