5 Style Trends for Men that Will Be Huge in 2023

If you are a fashion geek, you will probably know the men’s Fashion Week is as compelling as couture or ready-to-wear. While the men’s street style was quite predictable, the new collections of this season are oh-so-amazing and jaw dropping. Not to mention, this fall speaks the harmony between what you saw on the runways and what men were wearing on the streets. Considering both counts, suiting has become more experimental and relaxed than ever before.

This might surprise you, but skirts and tunics were the Fashion Week’s unpredictable trend. They were showing some skin and wearing jewelry. Well, anything that goes around or opposes the white manhood is in. From rainbow-striped sweater to a chunky necklace, you will see different style trends depicting men in arms against the fear. The fashion collections for this season spoke big concepts about sensitivity and freedom. That said, here are the five style trends for men that will huge in 2020.


  • Silhouette Is the Secret to Slay


The fashion collections of the last season were mostly illustrating the floral prints and tropical colors. However, that is not going to continue this fall! The runways of this season featured more white and black clothing. From head to toe, the monochromatic white or black undoubtedly was one of the gorgeous collections that any man would love to embrace! 

Whether you go for black or white, both the colors will enhance your personality, bringing in the classic chic to your overall looks. However, it is important to mention here that white has been women’s go-to summer look, whereas guys showed the silhouette trend in different ways this month! Mixed with formal wear track pants, silhouettes look amazing and outstanding no matter what style you wear.


  • Tie-Dye Spread on the Runways


While this may have taken a back seat to acid wash and paint splatters on the fashion runways, the trend is unbelievably heating up on the street. From dip-dyed leather shirt to neon-streaked jeans, you will see tie-dye on every men’s garment. This is not the end; you will also see the swirling pastel knits incorporated on different styles of clothing, providing you with a wide variety of options to wear this fall. Especially if you are looking for something more colorful, then consider getting a couple of casual outfits showcasing tie-dye prints. 


  • Marble is a New Cool!


As it received praise for its uniqueness and tactility for years, it seems like the new trend will never go out of style. Over the past few years, many fashion fanatics noticed the marbleous trend popping up on shoes, T-shirts, party dresses, jeans, backpacks, and other fashion accessories. The beautiful colors and breathtaking patterns of marble have spread to a wide range of runway collections. 

If you talk about now, the marble natural stone has made its way to various fashion collections in an outstanding way. Meanwhile, marble has become the hottest trend of the industry; from ties and cuffing to shoes and jackets, fashion designers and popular brands have incorporated this elegant yet sophisticated trend in their vast range of collections. When it comes to the trending styles for men that will be huge in 2020, marble will be one of the most significant trends that will not go out of style. 

This is probably because marble goes perfectly with your everyday outfit and brings a hint of tranquility with its eye-catching, subtle color tones. The unique patterns and textures of the stone appear to be breathtakingly beautiful when blended on different fabrics. Since it offers great versatility, marble looks amazing on everyone! 


  • Subvert the Skirt


A couple of years ago, the only guy wearing skirts at the Fashion Week was Thom Browne. However, the recent Fashion Week showed many guys wearing them, changing the cultural perception of masculinity. Unbelievably, a skirt would prove a more suitable option than skinny trousers. However, if you are not ready to don a skirt, keep in mind that wide-leg pants made its comeback last month.


  • Shorter Shorts are for the Next Year


You will be glad to know that shorts are acceptable at most fashion shows. However, the only difference for this time is “shorts have become even shorter.” If you are a fashion fanatic, you probably have seen guys on the runways walking in shorts that were not only revealing their knees but their thighs as well. 

What Style Should You Opt For

While long confined to interiors, you probably see that the marbleous trend is making high tides in the fashion world. Especially when it comes to style trends for men, the marble trend seems to dominate the fashion industry in 2020. Of course, the unique yet dispersed patterns combined with sleek aesthetics of material will offer something that will look appealing to every eye. Therefore, if you have been looking for something to make a statement, then marble fashion collection should be your go-to option!