The Winter 2019 Men’s Trends

Changing over your clothes to fit the season is not a piece of cake especially if you want to combine comfort and style in the one outfit. Moreover, staying in tune with the latest fashion trends is like looking after a child. You need to have eyes in the back of your head to know what children are doing. Otherwise, they’ll play tricks on you. It also concerns fashion. There is a solution for the former that is a kidsecured telegram; however, the latter is more complicated to deal with.

In a season known for blustery winds, cooling temperatures, and the flu, a little excitement in your wardrobe is exactly what the doctor ordered. Here are menswear trends you need to know for winter 2019.

Animal Print

Continuing its reign of the fashion jungle zebra stripes, snakeskin, tiger stripes, leopard and even cow spots are the key trends this winter. By means of various materials and textures, as well as color solutions, you can create a bright individual style. Don’t be afraid to mix animal prints with other textures and designs.

Velvet Crush

Velvet, velour, and plush are the stars of winter 2019. These fabrics appeal to the aristocratic motifs of Victorian England harmoniously blended into modern men’s fashion. The use of plush, velour and velvet brings a touch of chic even to a strict look, so designers recommend men to wear not only stylish jackets but also velvet accessories like fanny packs or gloves. 

Checkered from Head to Toe

This trend has been the number one for many years and it strengthens its position. 

Many collections for winter 2019 are full of checkered prints that emphasize the trend for British classics, the hooligan Canadian and relaxed cowboy style. The designers took the liberty of using tartan. Along with the traditional green, brown, beige, red and gray tones of the tartan in winter shows, you can see variations of light lines and even mixes in bright purple tones. In addition to classic suits and trousers, designers recommend paying attention to outerwear, sweaters and even shoes made in such an up-to-date print.

All-over Leather

This material is an indicator of masculinity and brutality. Jackets, raincoats, trench coats made of leather will emphasize the image of not only a confident man but also protect him from winter inclement weather. At the same time, it suits everyone both young and over 50.

It is not surprising that in the world of men’s fashion there are not only leather jackets but also trousers made of this hard-wearing material. Nevertheless, the 2019 fashion brought some innovations including colored leather blue, olive and brown one as well as unusual belts and stitches.

Camel Colour

This stylish fall-appropriate color has an incredible richness of shades – from latte to saddle brown. That’s why it is considered to be one of the key colour trends for men this season. With the help of this color spectrum you can create a perfect look. What to do if you want to add this color to your wardrobe? There are so many ways to wear this neutral that will give your outfit a luxe lift. For example, choose camel-coloured knitwear or a camel coat. Besides,  it can be easily teamed with greys, navies, and black colours.

A Layered Look

A jacket over a trench coat, polo over a sweater, shorts over leggings and many more non-standard outfits have become an integral fashion trend of our time. The trick is to mix textures and patterns to add interest and dimension to your look.

Gloves as an Accent of Your Look

It’s no secret that when creating a stylish outfit it is important not only to combine matching things but also to find an accessory that will complete your look emphasizing your unique style. For winter 2019 designers chose all kinds of gloves to be the most fashionable accessories. In the cold season, freezing your hands is no longer fashionable. There is a wide range of gloves. Feel free to choose any from knitted mittens, leather ones to aristocratic ones made of velvet. What is important they have to emphasize the individuality and delicate sense of taste of the owner.