The Best Ways To Get Around In Orange County


Orange County has a lot to offer for tourists and visitors, and for those planning a trip it’s important to take into consideration how they’ll be getting around. Many locals wouldn’t dream of not having a car to jet from beach to beach in, but if you’re just visiting you might want to check out other options. There are several methods of public transportation as well as rentals that will get you around in style, whether you’re going to the ocean or looking for the best place to grab a bite.

Because Orange County is so close to many other popular destinations, lots of people from surrounding counties–such as San Diego–enjoy taking day trips to enjoy the clean, inviting beaches. One of the best ways to do this is to rent a convertible and drive down the coast with the top down. Watching the turquoise waters go by while the salt air whips through your hair is an experience everyone needs to have at least once in their lives.

If you’re planning on seeing some tourist attractions, you might consider taking Anaheim Resort Transit shuttles. These colorful buses offer 20 different routes from hotels to various popular spots around town, from Disneyland to Knott’s Berry Farm to Medieval Times.

If you’re in the Laguna Beach area, there are trolleys you can take for just 50 cents a ride; in surrounding areas, buses offer transportation along many routes and will stop to pick up passengers even if they aren’t at a designated stop. Fare is usually 90 cents, but make sure you bring exact change.

If waterways appeal to you, consider renting a Duffy boat at Newport Beach. These electric-powered boats are available for about $100/per hour, but they can accommodate up to ten people. If you can find a Groupon or online deal and split the cost between yourself and your guests, it’s a relatively cheap way to explore Newport Bay while enjoying the view.

If you’re up for a train ride, check out the Amtrak schedules. The train runs to Fullerton, Anaheim, Santa Ana, Irvine, San Juan Capistrano and San Clemente. It’s a lengthier way to travel, but many people find train rides to be relaxing and inspiring, particularly writers.

If renting a car is outside your budget, you might try peer-to-peer services such as Getaround. This company connects travelers with people who have vehicles for rent, and you can get a good deal for a day or by the hour. All rentals through this service include insurance and roadside assistance.

Looking for something a little more luxe? You might try a limo service, especially if you’re entertaining friends and family. You can find various sized vehicles to meet your needs and let someone else take over the driving for a night on the town or for a romantic trip down the coast.

Of course, there’s always the good old-fashioned bicycle. If you’re feeling up to some exercise and fresh air, consider renting a bike from one of the many shops around Orange County. Newport Beach and Huntington Beach both have several top-rated ones to choose from that won’t break your budget.

There are plenty of ways to explore Orange County, whether you’re taking a solo trip or spending time with loved ones; just make sure to do some research on your chosen mode of transportation to ensure you’re prepared.

Photo via Pixabay by Bowker785