Imperial Moustache Vs. Handlebar Moustache: Moustache Wars

handlebar moustaches

The imperial moustaches and the handlebar moustaches are the styles that are very similar and so men often get confused as to what exactly is the difference. So the basic difference between the two styles is that the imperial mustache is a more rugged style as compared to the handlebar moustaches. The handlebar moustaches requires a good amount of product and is very proper style. You need perfection for the handlebar. In case of imperial, sure you do need the right shape but the look is dirty rugged style despite being the “imperial look”.

Apart from this there is the basic difference of appearance wherein the handlebar is a more curved style and imperial is boxy with sharp edges. Also the handlebar mustache is more popular and does look better when thicker. In case of imperial you have the option to go for a smaller version of it but the petit handlebar moustache, which is the modern day version of a handlebar mustache, beats the modern day version of the imperial!


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