How to retrieve a dog who slipped off-leash?

Taking your dog out on a walk is one of the perks of being a dog owner. Enjoying quality time, experiencing nature, and playing with your dog is a beautiful thing. There’s only one thing that can change the tide of walks, and that’s your dog slipping of their leash. Once a dog slips off their leash, they’re often hard to catch, and that can be frustrating.  Your dog can slip off their leash any time, and finding them isn’t always easy. If you don’t act fast, your dog can get lost, and every dog owner’s nightmare is their dog getting lost. Continue reading this article to know how you can get your dog when they slip off their leash.

Stay calm and do not chase your dog unless it’s absolutely necessary

You should calm down and assess the situation before chasing your dog. If you run after your dog, they will think you are chasing them and will run faster. Your dog may end up getting lost if they run too much. Your dog will most likely outrun you, so there’s no point in running after them. If your dog slips off their leash while you’re at the park, just walk behind them or keep them in your sight. If your dog slips off their leash in unfamiliar territory, get in your car and ask people around if they’ve seen them.  You need to be calm and not act rashly.

Try calling your dog while lying down; they will come to check out what’s happening

You can get your dog to come back to by calling her. You should try and train your dog to answer your calls. One way you can encourage your dog to answer your calls is by giving them treats whenever they answer your calls. You should make sure you don’t call your dog for no reason because it will dissuade them from answering you. If your dog normally answers your calls, lying down and calling them will make them come to check on you. If you’re lying down while you call your dog, they will want to know what happened to you and will run back to you.

Use an anti escape collar to prevent this scenario

It is said; prevention is better than cure. Taking preventive measures that will make it hard for your dog to slip off their leash is the best. It would help if you got an anti-escape collar for your dog. Anti-escape collars are harder to slip out off, so your dog escaping will be next to impossible. You can also get full vest harnesses for your dog. Full vest harnesses cover most of your dog’s body, and this makes them hard to slip out of.

Your dog slipping off their leash can be quite an adventure. Chasing your dog when they slip out of their leash can be very scary, stressful, and tiring. Don’t chase after your dog when they get lost. The best way to get your dog that slipped off their leash is to prevent it from ever happening.  Get an anti-escape collar now, and you’ll never have to deal with your dog slipping off their leash.