Workout Before Checking Social Media And Emails

We are now living in a fast-paced world that has completely become a wonderland. Thanks to technology for being so accessible. Technology has changed the world. It was never possible to work with so ease in the past few years. Someone has rightly said that with great power comes greater responsibility.

With the increase in technologies, distractions have also increased. You can see how we have been moving from one technology to the other. Firstly, we were used to listening to the radio, and then the TV replaced it with its screen and voice, and now we have become victims of the latest smartphones.

It is rightly said that you can be smarter than your smartphone, only if you workout to lose weight before checking your emails and other social networking sites. But why?

Reasons To Workout Before Checking Your Emails And Social Media Accounts

If you are a gym person, and use your accounts before doing your workout, read the following reasons to help you shortly.

It Destroys Your Posture And Can Cause An Injury

Yes, it is true that using your cell phone before heading towards the gym ruins your body posture and can also cause an injury.

One of the functional strength experts once said that “moving forward while texting on your cell phone changes the natural balance of your spine that results in the flattening of the lumbar curve and allows your head to hang forward.

While the more inadequate habits of yours lead to neck and shoulder pain.” These unnecessary strains into the shoulder or neck, however, contribute to the injury at the gym. Therefore, warm yourself before going to the gym and do not use your phone before that.

It Disturbs You And Your Focus

Do you know what kind of people triumph in their life? It is only the ones that are focused on their experience.

Focused people can strive hard to achieve what they want. If you are using your phone before going to the gym, that means that you have already lost your focus. It is because the phone is one of the significant sources of losing your focus.

When you are checking your emails and accounts, this will distract you, and you will no longer feel motivated to go to the gym.

It Affects Your Mental Health

Once a great person said that “The most apparent reason while we struggle with insecurities is that we start comparing our lives with others while scrolling down on social media. This is where we lose.

You need to have some specified goals in your life that motivate you to always do something great. This can be done by doing plenty of exercises. Exercise and workout keep you motivated. And if you will be using your cell phone before doing the workout, this will significantly affect your mental health.


So if you want to be consistent and get focused on your life, you need to quit using social media before going to the gym. It is because the use of smartphones is simply not good for your physical and mental health.