The mellow rendezvous with Seagram’s 100 Pipers

An evening well spent is an evening in good company. This ensures it will Be Remembered For Good! Here is an interesting conversation starter for you.

As I sat at the dimly lit bar in my weekend best grey blazer and white shirt, sipping 100 pipers, it occurred to me that very often the most interesting conversation is easily just at arm’s length. I sat there gazing at the now free bartender who looked like she was bartending for passion the way I do for my blogs. As I sipped my scotch she looked over and told me the most interesting legend and made me realize that the best of liquor comes from a strong lineage only.

Legend has it that only the finest whiskey can lead you to such a strong drive that it can evoke the tune of harmony and courage in you. The Scottish ballad of 100 pipers preceded the Scottish hero Bonnie Prince Charlie to battle with their courageous music that was beating terror into the hearts of the enemy. Scottish origin whiskey is carefully selected from choicest of malts and cannot really disappoint you! Extensive research tells us that the process and efforts in making 100 Pipers were purely driven by Scottish passion for the perfect whiskey. Here we are today sipping the 100 Pipers and pondering over its origin story. What is also great to learn is that this perfection today took 20 years, 530 combinations to be created. With a lifetime of efforts, it really deserves to be on the pedestal on which it stands today.

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The woody and fruity flavor with a touch of peat oak fragrance that was wafting around that matched the taste along with delicate vanilla and honey that was perfectly compatible to the smooth, rounded and heavy sips. Sure the drink matched my attire perfectly, as a fashion blogger is rarely ever an untidy dresser! But the highlight surely was that even the 100 Piper’s music truly brings out the flavor of each sip, just as it should!

An evening well spent is what drove a simple encounter into a conversation starter that I wish to share with my readers. #BeRememberedForGood