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11 Reasons To Carry A Handkerchief

1. Mopping your brow:

When it’s hot because of the weather or the temperatures are rising because your boss is on your head and you know you are gonna miss the deadline, carrying a handkerchief is a life saver. No, it won’t do much for the weather and absolutely nothing as far as your deadline is concerned but an handkerchief will definitely save you from looking like an untidy tool that has to resort to his shirt sleeve for wiping his brow.

2. Blowing your nose:

Unless your voice gets sexier like phoebe’s when you are down with a cold, there is nothing attractive about it. But everything is not for style alone. This reason for carrying a handkerchief is both practical and convenient.

3. Cleaning your glasses:

In today’s tech savvy age, there are very few men who do not care for their eyes and operate their computers, ipad’s, laptops, and other such devices without the protection that an anti-glare spectacle offers. Apart from that, men look so smart and sexy in glasses. And these glasses may get dirty or foggy and at such times carrying a handkerchief is what keeps you from becoming like Dhritarashtra and keeping your vision intact.

4. Drying your hands:

Basic human hygiene. So I am not even going to elaborate further. It would be the smart thing to do.

5. As a bandana or Head cap:

You can turn a handkerchief into a makeshift bandana when it’s too sunny out there or you are going to a mosque or a gurudwara or a synagogue. In many religious institutions it is considered improper to enter a place of worship without covering your head. At such times carrying a handkerchief is useful. One should always be careful of not hurting someone’s religious sentiments.

6. For when you are injured:

In case you have bruised your knee or scrapped your arm, you can use a handkerchief to clean your wound and dress it up, provided you have not used that handkerchief for points 1, 2 and 4 above. It even helps in first aid in case of a snake bite. Yeah it went dark real fast.

7. As a signal to begin the race:

The drop of the handkerchief usually signalled for the matches to begin.

8. For a cheesy pick up line:

Not something I would recommend but I have seen the handkerchief being used as a pick up line in many old movies and apparently it worked too, it goes something like, “Excuse Me, Miss? Drop something?”

9. Offering a crying lady:

Ah! A chance to be a knight in shining armour for a damsel in distress. To quote Robert De Niro from the intern movie, women cry…the handkerchief is for you to lend…it is one of the last vestiges of male chivalry…So bring out your inner Yash Raj and carry a handkerchief to offer a lady in need of comforting.

10. To cover your face partially:

This helps in case you are riding a bike on a dirty road with dust all round or when you need to hide because you see someone from your family approaching you when you are out with your girlfriend or spot a teacher when you are cutting class or you are a celebrity trying to get away from the pesky paparazzi.

11. As a makeshift flag of truce or surrender:

It is always a safe bet to unfurl the white flag of truce especially when arguing with a lady.


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